Tuesday, December 1, 2009

FREE Gifted Homeschooling Teleconference

I'm passing this along to anyone who might be interested. I have no affiliation with the host, but it looked like a useful conference...and the price is certainly right!

Thinking about Homeschooling? Questions?
Get answers from Corin Barsily Goodwin Executive Director, Gifted
Homeschoolers Forum
Host: My Gifted Girl
Saturday, December 5, 2009
Free Conference Call Dec 5th 7p-8pm EST/ 4p-5pm PST - Plan accordingly for
your time zone!

Join us as My Gifted Girl hosts Corin Barsily Goodwin Executive Director, Gifted Homeschoolers Forum

The is a FREE call through Free Conference (calling/minute charges for your
phone/mobile phone will apply). Please post pre call questions on the Fan Page for discussion!

Many of us wonder if homeschooling is a better option for our families and our child. Is it on your mind a lot and you just need a boost to get the process going? Do you want to understand why so many parents of gifted and twice-exceptional children are homeschooling? Are you already homeschooling and want even more support for your efforts?

The environment of No Child Left Behind (NCLB) has left many of our gifted students nationwide neglected. More parents are considering homeschooling as school districts zero in on our lower performers with programs that are detrimental to our gifted youth.

This is a FREE Event with 145 lines available. DIRECTIONS FOR REGISTRATION:
Please RSVP on Facebook
and let others
know you're calling!
Go to www.mygiftedgirl.com and make sure you are registered on our site.
Click on "CONTACT US" from home page to Submit Form and INCLUDE the following Info for call registration:
!. Your User name for My Gifted Girl
2. Homeschool

The first 145 will be contacted via email by noon (EST) on Dec 5th with the
access code.
This is obviously first come first serve.
Invite a friend over and share a line!
Sponsored by
My Gifted Girl.com

Corin Barsily Goodwin, Executive Director

Corin Barsily Goodwin homeschools her two 2e children while commuting between the Silicon Valley in CA and rural southern Oregon. She co-chaired the Legislative Committee for the HomeSchool Association of California (HSC) and served as their Gifted/Special Needs Advisor. Before having children, Ms. Goodwin worked in government relations and in the public and private sectors as a policy and economic analyst. She also spent several years in library and archival positions. She does educational consulting and writing, and has been presenting workshops on gifted and homeschool related issues for a number of years and in many venues. She serves on the SENG Editorial Board, and is hard at work on a variety of writing projects with co-author Mika Gustavson.

The Gifted Homeschoolers Forum (GHF) supports gifted homeschoolers in the United States and around the world through education, advocacy, community and support. See http://www.giftedhomeschoolers.og

MyGiftedGirl.com is a community of support for:
• Gifted and talented girls and women
• Parents and family
• Educators
• Mentors
• Support services and educational institutions.
We are here to nourish, guide, inspire, and support one another. Gifted
girls must learn pride and confidence in their talents and gifts.

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Angela said...

You were one of my winners for the Home Educating Family magazine. I just need your address to send to them. Email me at byourlove1@aol.com