Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Review of The Missing Link: Found

The Missing Link: Found, the first of the 3-book The Truth Seekers Mystery Series, is the inspiration of homeschool student Christina Gerwitz that came alive through the encouragement of her mother, Felice Gerwitz. Christina, who was 14 when the first beginnings of this story took shape, approached her mother with the idea of writing a mystery novel. Felice responded by taking the leap right along side of her. Learning together, they co-authored this adventurous mystery with a Creation Science theme.

This is certainly an action-packed book. By the fifth page, the main characters of the book have the automatic weapons of a FBI helicopter trained on them! The plot revolves around two homeschooled teens, who have a knack for getting themselves in dangerous situations, on an archeological dig with their father and cousin. Mysterious illnesses, strange threats, a rendezvous with crocodiles, kidnappings, and secret agents…twists and turns are throughout the book.

It is important to keep in mind that this book is intended for tweens and teens. As Felice states,

These books were geared for children who don't enjoy reading. (And of course those who do enjoy reading will like them as well!) I pray this little story brings a smile to your homeschooled children and enjoyment that comes from reading fiction with a focus on glorifying God!!”

As a reader outside the target audience and coming from an adult perspective, I had some trouble with some of the unrealistic nature of the storyline. The writing isn’t Newberry Award material, but still an accomplishment for a young teen. As a homeschooling parent, I commend this mother-daughter team for making this book a reality for tweens and teens to enjoy.

I like that this wholesome book has Christian homeschooled main characters. Prayer and discussions of faith are throughout the book. Furthermore, The Missing Link: Found has a greater purpose than to tell a good mystery story. This book is intended to inform the reader on details and evidence that surround the Evolution/Creation debate. Creation Science is integrated throughout the story and well-backed up and researched. A glossary, references and resources are provided if the reader wants to dive into the topic further.

I was curious to see what my resident 11-year-old tween would think of the book. While she typically does not read adventure stories of this type, Creation Science is a favorite topic. She also dreams of becoming an author some day. It was a quick read for her and she summed it up with the comment, “It’s like a Nancy Drew book with an Evolutionary/Creation twist!” She also enjoyed the surprise turns and ending. That’s two thumbs up from the target audience!

The Missing Link: Found can be purchased at Media Angels for $8.99 or the 3-novel set for $22. In addition to The Truth Seekers Mystery Series, Media Angels offers online classes, writing DVDs, science kits, study guides and more.

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