Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Getting Started with Time4Learning - A (Pre)Review

Time4Learning is an online subscription-based educational program for grades preK-8th. There is much to explore and I thought I'd share my initial thoughts with getting started before my final review.

Getting set up was extremely easy. After a few questions regarding the academic level of each child, we were up and rolling in no time. I had used Time4Learning for a few months last year for my son (9), but this is the first time my daughter (11) has used the program. My son is currently using the Lower Level and my daughter the Upper Level, allowing us to compare the two.

For kids, such as mine, that are familiar with working with computer programs, navigation was pretty intuitive. However, there is a "Getting Started Guide" for the less computer-apt parent as well as a "Hints and Helps" section and parent forum. If you can't find your answers here, how to contact a customer service rep by phone or email is clearly displayed.

Time4Learning's customer service has been impressive so far. After a few days, I decided I needed to adjust the level on a couple of subjects for each of my children. Many times this can be done by the parent, but in our case it required contacting customer service. The response time in making this change was fabulous.

To date, I have been very pleased with the ease of getting started, using the program and finding answers. As for my children, I have yet to hear any complaints or grumbles about using this program. In fact, it is the first thing they suggest when it is time to do school.

Come back to hear more about how our experience with Time4Learing progresses.

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