Thursday, January 1, 2009

Budget and Environmental-Friendly Cleaning Products

I've been trying to go completely chemical-free for household cleaning products, not only to help our budget but our health as well. Vinegar and water make a great all-purpose cleaning spray. For dusting, I use a micro-fiber towel misted with water. Baking soda is effective as a mild abrasive and a large bag can be purchased inexpensively.

My latest find for chemical-free cleaning is a small brush that came with a dustpan at the dollar store, meant to sweep up small floor spills. I've discovered the bristles are soft enough to not scratch but stiff enough to knock off dust from almost anything. It's been used to brush dust off baseboards, lampshades, curtains, window sills and light fixtures with much better success than any spray-and-wipe product. The size is perfect for the hand and the narrow shape makes it easy to get into crevices. It's complete reusable and best of all, it only cost $1.

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