Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Review: Generations of Virtue

The journey from girlhood to womanhood can be one of anticipation and anxiety – for both mother and daughter. Mothers need to carefully discern what information to share and the best time to share it. For daughters, the physical and emotional changes experienced can bring about feelings of uncertainty. However, entering a new stage of life should also be cause for celebration.

The Beautifully Made! series was specifically created to help guide girls and their mothers during the transition from young girl to young lady. After looking for appropriate resources for girls going through adolescence and coming up empty-handed, Julie Hiramine, Founder and Executive Director of Generations of Virtue, set out to meet the need through this compilation of thoughts and advice on the subject. For those not familiar with this ministry, Generations of Virtue is a non-profit organization dedicated to “purity of heart, purity of mind, purity of body” in a culture that embraces otherwise. It is their desire to provide parents with the resources they need to raise the standard of values for future generations.

Beautifully Made!, which retails for $18.99, consists of three books, two for daughters and one for mothers. Each book is a quick read, from approximately 45-60 single-sided pages, meant to inform and encourage. The first in the series, Approaching Womanhood, is written directly to girls ages 8-12. Explanation of what changes to expect and when, how to adapt, the biology behind the changes, and their effects will put girls at ease about their changing bodies. Celebrating Womanhood is for the next stage, intended to be read by young ladies when they first start their period. The focus of this title is the significance of God's design of women as well as practical advice, such as supply choices and dealing with PMS. The last book, Wisdom from a Woman, is a mother's guide on how to approach the topic with daughters, the best time and how, leading predictors of a changing body and most importantly, how to make this a special time - a rite of passage rather than an event to dread.

Having a daughter who started asking questions extremely early, I am not new to the quest of finding appropriate resources. I can assure you, it is no easy mission. Many books contain not only too much information, but also take a non-Biblical stance in some areas. A Biblically-based resource for this topic is refreshing. Scripture is throughout and sound advice contributed from mothers and young women. Only information that is most pressing and timely is covered, saving the rest to be introduced later at the discretion of the parent. Mothers are encouraged to communicate with their daughters and daughters with their mothers throughout the books.

While these materials come from a Biblical perspective, I do urge any parent to read the books before handing them to your daughter. They are meant as a tool for discussion, not a replacement of a loving, guiding parent. In Celebrating Womanhood, one section in particular, The Symbolism of Blood, especially falls within the preview category. Within this section is an analogy, presented in the context of positively and Biblically viewing womanhood, which I personally found to be a bit too creative of an interpretation. Reading in advance is the best way to be prepared to discuss the content or advise your daughter to skip sections that you feel may not be helpful to her.

In the mother's guide, Wisdom from a Woman, mothers are encouraged with the following:
"There have been days as a mother that I have wondered if I am an expert about anything, especially all the changes my daughters are going through. Then God speaks and confirms that He is the One who has given me these precious children as gifts and equipped me to be their guide for this season."
With Beautifully Made!, mothers will be better able to serve as the God-appointed guide and assist their daughters through the journey to womanhood.

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