Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Flashdance Flashback

My daughter was invited to an 80s birthday party this past weekend for a friend turning 13. First of all, I'm having issue with my daughter having friends that are teens. I won't be mom to a teen for another 9 months and I'd like to remain in denial until then, thank you very much. Secondly, when the style of clothing that I wore as a teen is now used for costume...oy. It makes a person feel a bit old.

Anyhow, I have to say, I thought my daughter looked quite adorable. I found the skirt, a size XL shirt (for the baggy look), and black tank top at the Salvation Army. The shoes and leggings were already owned and the black belt was borrowed from Dad. My husband did a double take because she looked just like his sister back in the day!

Oh, and the hair...can you say AquaNet? You can't tell how ratted it is in the back in the picture, but there was some big hair going on. My daughter kept on smoothing it down because it was "sticking up" and my husband and I would tell her that was how it was supposed to be. I even tried out the wing thing on the sides. Remember taking hair spray at the temple and backcombing it? I have no idea why we thought that was fashionable. My daughter thought we must have been truly nuts. However, her normally stick-straight hair won the "best hair" contest at the party.

Here is a pic of the whole party gang...

... and the adult drivers.

A scavenger hunt sent the girls in search of a PacMan game, a Breakfast Club DVD, fun dip, nerf balls and more. They even had to break dance in a public place with an audience, stand under the McDonalds' sign making an "M", and do the moon walk in front of Starbucks with an employee. Both of the adult drivers were appropriately dressed for the occasion, which was a hoot.

I don't know that I would want to relive the 80s (does anyone want to relive their junior high years???), but it was a ton of fun revisiting it for an evening.


The Davidson Den said...

I am constantly bemoaning the fact that I still have to observe some of the same wretched clothing styles from the 80's even NOW on the racks at Target and the contestants on American Idol. WHY, of all decades, must we bring back the one with the most hideous styles EVER?! I absolutely abhor "skinny pants." (But your daughter looks precious, by the way...very tastefully done...AND, admitedly, a great party idea.)

Heidi said...

Yes, those skinny pants...yuck! Remember peg legging your pants at the bottom? What was up with that? Who decided that was a good idea? LOL! And blue eyeshadow? Bandannas around the leg? The whole decade was a fashion disaster!

Maxine said...

Everyone looks adorable! I'm not going to tell you the costume which they'd be wearing if it were from my era.