Thursday, June 4, 2009

Future Scientist or Comedian?

My daughter just completed her finals week. It actually only consisted of two finals for online classes, Latin and Biology. However, having two finals, due a day apart from each other, was a new experience. I'd like to say she sailed through with calmness, but unfortunately that wasn't the case. I discovered a little panic attack post on her blog this evening.

In the end, she did absolutely fine. Both classes ended with excellent grades. Of the two classes, I think she enjoyed her Biology course the most. Now, she will try to tell you that she does not like Biology but rather tolerates it, though a little smirk usually follows. She was sure to tell me she disliked the dissections especially. For each one, the first step was to groan about the "disgusting" activity.

However, I would like to present evidence that she actually enjoyed the dissections...

Here is the very first dissection, an earthworm.

Next, we have a perch. When the lab was done, she decided to do an extra step and dissect the eyeballs and find the lens.

And lastly, here is her dissecting a frog (that's the liver in the tweezers),

I don't know, it looks like she may have enjoyed her labs just a bit. The real question is if we have a future scientist...or a comedian?


JJ said...

Hmmm... Comedian! : )

Sravani said...

I love your blog. And your kids are so fun. I hope my ds gets comfy with dissections some day as well. He wants to be a bio and computational something clubbed field and I think he needs some hands on bio dissections for sure:)
I think your dd can be both:))

Tonia said...

Oh my! She is sooo funny! Looks like she really enjoyed her science experiment ;-)