Friday, October 9, 2009

First Board Break!

Both of the kids have recently hit a couple of milestones in their martial arts training. They've been studying Shotokan for a few years and added Kobujutsu about a year ago. Kobujutsu is a weapons system. I consider it "college-prep" studies, especially for my daughter! Perhaps she'll keep the out-of-line boys at bay if she carries around a pair of nunchucku with her? They might look great hanging out of her backpack.

Anyhow, they both earned their purple belt last week in Kobujutsu by successfully performing their next bo (a long staff, a bit taller and thicker than a broom handle) and nunchucku katas. Then, Jordyn successfully broke her first board with a side thrust kick yesterday. Woo hoo! Below is a pic of her newly prize possession!

My son gave it a try and I suspect he'll be successful fairly soon. He doesn't ever let big sister get too far ahead of him.

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SuzySchool said...

that is very cool, Heidi...for both of them. do they take the other class somewhere else? i've been looking for something for my kids that meets more often haven't found anything yet.