Saturday, November 14, 2009

Off to the State Championship!

I didn't fathom that it could possibly happen, but our rookie FLL (First Lego League) team is off to the State Championship on Dec 12th after placing in Regionals today!

A team was literally thrown together when a local university offered grant money to sponsor a team. The kids got off to a slow start and had many hurdles to jump before things starting really got going. Most of them didn't know each other and there was a variety of personalities in the mix. The families were spread all over our very large county, making meeting regularly enough a bit of a logistical problem. A good half of the kids had never even used the Lego Mindstorm program needed for competition and two families dropped before it was all said and done.

Honestly, we were all in this for the learning experience for the kids. We figured they could go under low pressure this year and gain a better understanding of what it was all about for next year. It wasn't until midway through the regional competition today that we realized they had a good possibility of making it to State. It is amazing what kids can pull off with a bit of determination.

Now we are off to the State Championships! Way to go team!

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Debra said...

Oh, Heidi, that is so great!!!

Can't wait to hear about the fun of the state championship!!