Wednesday, May 26, 2010

MathScore: An Update

I just wanted to give a quick update on MathScore, a product I reviewed back in January. You can read my thoughts here.

This is one of those programs that the more you use it, the more both parent and student like it. I was blown away when my son, who had been claiming he was starving (usually a tactic to get out of schoolwork) told me he wanted to finish up his Mathscore task before coming to the table because he was about to earn some points. I wasn't sure how motivating the program would continue to be over time. However, the point and trophy system seems to work well.

I absolutely love the detailed parent report. My son's work has been rather unfocused lately. Unfortunately, I have been extremely busy and haven't able to check up on him as much as I would like. I just ran a parent report, with specified dates, that details the engaged time versus time at the computer while signed in at the program. Very enlightening. While he has been working on quality worksheets, his engaged time has been decreasing the warmer and sunnier it has gotten outside! He was much more focused in the winter months. While this isn't exactly a good thing to see on a report, it shows me perhaps that it would be better to have him work on the program in the morning like we used to, rather than the afternoon when he's definitely ready to get outside to play.

Overall, I continue to be happy with this program and still use it regularly. My daughter has not used it much yet, but will this summer, which is going to involve some catch-up math work and review. I'll report in after the new school year begins with her feedback on how Mathscore helped her brush up on her math skills.

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