Friday, March 18, 2011

The Power of a Snowman

Spring is definitely in the air this week! We've actually seen the sun for several days in a row and the temperatures have been high enough to melt almost all the snow. Oh, how I've missed the sun!  Its absence makes the whole state of Michigan crabby. That sun has some magical powers on mood. Snow does have its place, though. These pictures are from a few weeks ago, but I thought I'd share before thoughts of snow are long gone.

My kids were coming back from walking a neighbor's dog, when I heard them doing something in the backyard...together...laughing.  It was a nice sound. I much prefer it to bickering. I peered out my bedroom window and couldn't quite tell what they were doing.
But I liked that they were doing it together, and doing so happily.  At a 11 and 14, that is becoming an infrequent occurrence.
They were spending a long time making...something...and trying to find the right materials.
 Then they ran inside to get me and show off their creation...
 It's a snowman taking a bath in the bird bath!  See his leaf shower cap and pine tree scrub brush?
Gotta love creative kids.  And lately, it has been taking some creativity to get along.  I'm glad a little snowman could bridge the gap for a while.