Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Childless Staycation for Mom

We haven't been able to afford the cash nor the time to take a family vacation for entirely too long, at least 4 or 5 years.  However, each summer our kids do head off to camp, which provides a bit of a staycation for me.  Unfortunately, we haven't been able to coordinate their camp schedules for the same week since they've started attending.  They'd head off with different groups of friends and different camps, which would leave me a parent of one while the other was gone, but never completely off duty.  Now, I will say, having only one child at home can be quite peaceful since there isn't another around to complain, bicker, or annoy.  I must say, I think my son talks more in a week with his sister, who can be vocally domineering, absent, than he does all year.  And my daughter, without her little bro hiding in corner ready to jump for a scare, is a bit more relaxed when he's off to camp, too.  Even so, though I love my kids to pieces, it would be nice for this homeschooling mom to be able to ship them off at the same time just once.

This year we were able to pull it off!  We drove my daughter to camp on Sunday and my son left on Tuesday.
Dd (right) and her pal outside of their cabin shortly after arrival.
Ds (in navy blue) and his buds by the bus that will take them to camp.  I never worry about bullies with friends like this!
My daughter returns on Friday and my son on Monday. This allowed my son a couple of days home sisterless on the front end, and my daughter a couple of days brotherless on the back end.  And the middle?  The glorious middle? That means Mom, yours truly, gets to spend a few days childless for the first time in, well...I think the first time EVER.

So, how did I spend my first childless day?  After dropping my son off, I have to admit that I turned on a court TV show and had an Oreo cookie.  I rarely watch TV (and usually not such drivel), and especially don't during the day.  My husband called it my "bonbon moment".  Then, after a bit of time on the computer, I took a 2-hour nap (also unheard of).  Now that I've gotten being a sloth out of the way, I hope to be a bit more productive in the next couple of days.  Today I'm going for a much needed haircut and some time with a friend, also much needed.  Tomorrow entails heading to the Dr. for a physical. Not exactly fun and relaxing, but well overdue.  Some uninterrupted time with my husband is in order too.  There will be a fair amount of just enjoying the QUIET that this house rarely experiences.

I know I'll miss my kids at some point.  I'll miss my daughter's exuberant singing of show tunes and the sound of my son raking through bins of Legos in search of the perfect piece.  Eventually the house will seem too quiet. Not yet, though.  At the moment, it is perfectly silent, and I plan to enjoy it.  We all need a vacation, even (especially) homeschool moms.


Diane Allen said...

Here's to a wonderful week full of bonbon moments!

Lori said...

It sounds wonderful! I'm so glad it all worked out this year. I only have one kid at home, but with her having special needs, those staycations are few and far between. However, when I get them, I do love them! Enjoy the rest of your week!