Monday, August 22, 2011

My Summer Summary in 30 Seconds

I'm always blogging in my head, with very good intentions of actually sharing here, but in reality it doesn't always play out that way.  Here is a list of titles of all those posts I *wanted* to write since the start of summer, but never made it to the keyboard.
  • Silvers and Golds (Congrats to both kids for bringing home 5 medals from the karate tournament!)
  • Exciting Beginnings (Oldest is starting high school *and* college this fall!)
  • Two Brown Belts are Living at My House (Congrats to youngest for moving up a color and to oldest for moving up a rank.  Black belts here we come!)
  • Another Year of TOS Crew Reviews (I'm starting my 4th year!)
  • Fine - I'll Get You an Agent! (Oldest just won't let the acting thing go.)
  • Goodbye Clunker! (Hello brand new car!)
  • Jumpin' Allstars! (Congrats to youngest for making the jump rope team!)
  • Check Pear Educational Products! (There are now some wonderful reviews posted about our products.  See the sidebar for links.)
  • True Friendship (Treasure those friendship where you can be real! They don't come by often.)
  • Do You Hear That Music? (Congrats to oldest for landing a part in her very first musical!)
  • Arrogant Teachers Suck (Seriously?  Can we be a bit more professional? Is name-calling necessary?)
  • I'm on the Timberdoodle Team! (More reviews are coming your way!) 
  • Life Ain't Fair, but Keep That Chin Up! (Hard lessons that it doesn't always matter how or what you do, sometimes justice doesn't prevail.)
  • Am I the Only One that Doesn't Like Small Groups? (And what to do if this is the heart of your church?)
  • I'm a Travelin' Gal (The kids and I are going to visit my folks in SC for the first time in a few years.  Better yet, we're flying instead of making the 11 hour drive....haven't done that in over 10 years.)
  • Watch Out for Crazy Drivers (I just signed oldest up for driver's ed!)
  • Anyone Got $65,000? (Owning a business is never dull and mistakes, whether yours or not, cost money.)
  • News Flash!  Oldest is Happy with Her New Math Program! (Finally, a math program that doesn't cause tears!)
  • Public School / Homeschool Partnerships (These new partnerships are likely coming your way. Make sure you understand what they are all about.)
  • Lapbook Product Giveaway Coming Soon! (Are you a lapbooker? Stay tuned!)
  • Homeschooling Mom vs. Legos (My homeschool room is now clean, ready for the start of school!)
  • I Know I'm a Misfit, but This is Ridiculous! (Vague for now, but it is a doozy.)
    I hope to expand on some of these in the future, rather than just think them!


    Milk and Honey Mommy said...


    I timed you and you're right at 29.999 seconds. It sounds like your children had a lot of successes this summer...high school and college at the same time, first musical, etc.

    I often fight the same battle w/the LEGOs. Where do they come from and why are they everywhere?

    I'm also on the Timberdoodle Review Team this year and am very excited.

    I enjoyed reading your summary.

    Heidi said...

    How funny! I never thought to actually time it!