Thursday, December 27, 2012

Review: Growing Great Kids


As a mom of a child who would love to take to the stage as a career choice, I was interested in what Kate Battistelli, mother to Dove Award-winning recording artist Francesca, had to say in her book Growing Great Kids. I had many questions, such as how was she sure this was God’s purpose for her daughter and how did she guide Francesca in such goals?

The following is an excerpt from the introduction pages which sums up the general gist of the book:

Successful adults don’t happen by accident. It takes intentional effort to raise a child into an adult who has a strong sense of their destiny in God, a passion to serve Him, and a deep knowledge of His gifts and callings. Parents, we know our children better than anyone else. By partnering with God we can equip them to be all He called and created them to be. It’s up to us to equip (not push or apply undue pressure) our children to go after their dreams.

I learned a lot from Kate’s story, especially with her overall theme of the book of purposefully and intentional parenting and guiding. Much thought and prayer went into her guidance of her daughter and the focus was always on the greater plan. For example, when Francesca’s dream of becoming a dancer was thwarted because of scoliosis, years of dance lessons were not seen as a waste, but rather training for another purpose. Kate was also not afraid to have very large goals for her daughter and very specific prayers for those goals. It helped me see how focused Kate was, while at the same time her willingness to be redirected and reassured when a new path or obstacles came along.

Scripture relevant to the topics is used throughout the book. Also included are quotes from articles and research (those homeschooling will appreciate her comments on this) and well as comments and experiences directly from other parents. Each chapter, covering topics such as recognizing gifts, the power of words, prayer, and growing integrity, ends with a number of thought-provoking questions for reflection and a prayer.

Most people are not going to have the exact same set of circumstances in resources, number of children, or even talent in a particular area, but Growing Great Kids is not about duplicating goals of others. It is about helping your child discover his or her purpose. I needed reminding that both words and prayer are very powerful and most importantly, that God has a unique plan for my children. Rather than a book of “how to”, I considered this more a book of encouragement written from the heart.

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