Thursday, December 26, 2013

Review: Udderly Smooth Hand, Foot, and Body Cream

Every winter I constantly fight super dry hands. In fact, when I was little, my mom used to put Vaseline on my hands and make me wear cotton gloves at night. I hated it! While I ditched the greasy ointment and gloves long ago, a great lotion is a necessity for our harsh Michigan winters.

However, all lotions are not created equally. Many lotions contain alcohol, which counteracts the moisturizing qualities. They may have a nice fragrance, but they don't do much to help dry skin. Others are so greasy that there is no touching anything or opening any closed doors for a good hour after application. There are very few lotions that seem to have the balance of not too greasy, but effectiveness at healing dry skin.

I recently had the opportunity to see how the Udderly Smooth brand of lotion fared against our harsh winters and resulting dry skin. I had heard of the brand before and recognized the cow pattern on the packaging, though I had never used the product. The lotion was originally formulated under the guidance of a pharmacist and intended for use on dairy cows, hence the quirky name.

I had quite an assortment in my package, which included body cream, foot cream, and hand cream.  The body and foot cream were in tubs and the hand cream in two different sizes squeeze bottles.  I also received some sample packets.

With the cold weather here to stay for the next several months, I was anxious to give the cream a try. Before I applied it though, I gave it a sniff. It had a very standard lotion fragrance, one of which I'm typically not fond, though not as strong as other brands. I discovered unscented lotions are available. If you tend to be pickier about scents, you have options.

Udderly Smooth contains no alcohol. When I first applied it, it felt like it was going to be too greasy. Much to my surprise, it was quickly absorbed and left behind a non-greasy protective coating on my hands. I was pretty happy with the results. I didn't feel like I was slathering on the grease, but felt like I was doing more than just putting a scent on my hands. Speaking of scent, once applied the fragrance didn't bother me at all.

My husband has a particular expensive lotion he likes to use to combat some of the abuse his hands take at work. Shortly after receiving the Udderly Smooth products, I noticed he had confiscated the tub of foot cream, but to use on his hands. The only difference between the foot and hand cream that I could tell was it a bit thicker and also contains shea. A week or so later, I noticed a wound on his hand and asked what happened. Come to find out, he had had a callous on his hand for quite some time. When he started using Udderly Smooth, the callous started softening up. As it softened, an unknown sliver which the callous had formed over, came to the surface. Both the sliver and callous are now gone. I thought that was pretty telling of the effectiveness in softening and healing drying skin. Needless to say, the foot cream has been permanently confiscated by my husband.

I've been applying Udderly Smooth each night and occasionally during the day and have found it effective in fighting my dry skin this winter.  I would not hesitate to purchase Udderly Smooth lotions. I now keep the travel size in my purse and the larger tub at my night stand.

Udderly Smooth lotions are readily available and likely at a store in your town. The Udderly Smooth website lists stores that carry the product and answers FAQ about the products. You are also able to order directly on the website if purchasing locally isn't an option. Coupons are sometimes found on the Udderly Smooth FB page, so be sure to like the page for extra savings.

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