Friday, October 10, 2008

More Reviews Coming Up!

I am very excited about some of the products that I will be able to review for you all very soon.

Within a few days, I will be posting about www., a subscription website that helps homeschoolers find websites and information. I have been seeing advertisements from this company over the last several months and wondered what it was all about. Now I know...and you will too!

Several other products are on their way. Once I've had a chance to use them for a couple of months, I will share all my thoughts with you. I am really excited to try some of these products out. Some I have never heard of before and others I was already contemplating added to our school day. Some of the next products in line are: Peterson Handwriting, All About Spelling and the Homeschooling ABCs course by KnowledgeQuest. If you are looking for information on any of these products, check back and I'll share my perspective.

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