Saturday, October 25, 2008

A Review of Homeschool Library Builder (website)

I have yet to meet a homeschooler that is not a bibliophile. This often leads to a condition known as MBTS (More Books Than Shelves), yet we are still in search of... more reading treasures. With so much book buying, every bit of savings counts. Everyone knows about the large online suppliers, but there is new guy in town that may fulfill part of your book addiction, er… needs.
Homeschool Library Builder is a new site that stocks quality new, used, and out-of-print living books common to homeschoolers’ shelves. The site is run by two homeschooling moms who understand your needs and budgets. Their love of children's literature has led to a desire to help others have an affordable at-home library. You’ll find 25+ categories for browsing their collection of titles listed at various prices. A really nice feature is the ability to search for titles used in some of the popular literature-based curricula, i.e.Ambleside, Beautiful Feet, Five in a Row, Sonlight, Tapestry of Grace and Veritas Press. These categories are further broken down in the various levels. As a Sonlight user, I really appreciated this time-saving feature. Each title listing includes the reading level, type (i.e. hardcover, softcover, ex-library), condition (good – new), cost, and quantity available.
Aside from helping homeschool families by providing affordable books, HSLB provides other ways to assist not only homeschoolers, but those in need as well. If you have a home-grown homeschooling product, you can advertise for FREE at their HSLB Marketplace. What a great way to help homespun businesses spread the word about new products. Additionally, HSLB is currently extending a helping hand by donating proceeds from the purchase of books under the Operation Hurricane category to aid recent hurricane victims. Wow!
Furthermore, they have a free membership program that allows you to earn points for purchases and referrals. Each dollar spent earns one Book Point and each referral earns you 15 Book Points. For every 15 Book Points, $1 will be placed in your account to be used towards…more books! Shipping is also reasonable ($4.50 for a $25 order) and utilizes the cost-savings media mail
The inventory changes often as the owners do the scrounging for you to find both popular and out-of-print quality titles. If you can’t find a particular title, you may put in a request and they will try to obtain it for you. This is sure to be a site to bookmark and check back often, especially before you purchase from one of the impersonal big guys.

A bin sale is currently in progress with categories in the $5, $3, $2 and $1 range. I suggest all bargain hunters head on over to Homeschool Library Builder. With all the money you’ll save, you’ll be able to purchase some new shelves to store your literary treasures. Or maybe instead of shelves you can buy…more books.

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