Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Review of Bible StorySongs

When my son was younger, he had a difficult time learning the order of the days of the week. It was something we'd go over and over, looking at the calendar and reciting them in order. It just wasn't sticking. However, once the days were put to a tune, he remembered them always. It wasn't even a tune he knew previously (The Addams Family theme song), but it was catchy and it stuck.

There's Sunday and there's Monday
There's Tuesday and there's Wednesday
There's Thursday and there's Friday
And then there's Saturday...
Days of the week (snap snap)

From that point on, he'd simply sing the song whenever he wanted to know the order of the days.

Does music help long-term memory? How many of you actually mentally sing the ABC song when looking up a word in a dictionary or putting something in alphabetical order? I do! There are many (oh, so many...) things I've forgotten since my school days, but the ABC song is forever ingrained in my head. Music is a powerful thing!

Bible StorySongs was inspired when two moms, now grandmas, were looking for something fresh and new for summer Bible camp lessons. They set stories and verses from the Bible to old-fashioned tunes, making them easier for the kids to remember. Bible StorySongs uses the power of music to teach the power of the Word!

There are currently six double-length albums available, approximately one-hour long each. Accompanied by piano, the songs are sung by children, either solo or as a choir. Lyrics are included for children to learn and sing along, though I bet most kids will be able to do that just by listening!

I received the Matthew Volume 2, I Want to Be Good Ground CD, which covers Matthew Chapters 9-28. Familiar song tunes, such as "Go Tell it on the Mountain", are put to new words that tell stories and truths in the book of Matthew. Some of the songs teach good character traits, like keeping your room clean, putting things away, and getting homework done. Much to the horror of my children, I have a few new ditties to sing when I ask them to do a chore! Before each song, a child tells the location of Scripture and/or the Biblical principal being taught in the song. As an example, a song for Matthew 10:1-5 starts out with a child defining a disciple and an apostle. Another child then states, "In Matthew 10: 1-5, Jesus chose twelve men who were very trainable and sendable." The song is set to the tune of "Good King Wenceslas" with the following lyrics, sung through multiple times for better memorization:

Jesus called His twelve disciples,
Gave to them authority
O'er the unclean, every sickness,
Sent them forth to heal disease.

Simon Peter, Andrew, his brother,
Two sons of Zebedee, James and John.
Philip and Bartholomew, then
Thomas, Matthew, chosen ones.

Then came James, the son of Alphaeus,
Thaddaeus, and Simon, the zealous one;
Judas Iscariot, replaced by Matthias,
Twelve apostles' work begun.

This song and the other 32 songs on the CD can be sampled here.

One of my first thoughts when listening to this CD was that is would be an excellent tool to reinforce Bible stories taught at church or home. Since the music is more calm rather than the get-up-and-dance variety, it would also be great for soothing background music in the church nursery or during down or play time for kids at home. I think younger kids would appreciate the songs the most. Both my nine and twelve-year-old felt it was too young for them and didn't fit their preference for more modern music.

Individual titles start at $9.99 and are available for as low as $4.99 with bulk purchase. Also available are Color 'n Sing, e-books, Puzzle Pages e-books and sheet music that correlate with the CD. Visit Bible StorySongs to see what is available or to make a purchase. You can also buy one song or the entire album at major internet music retailers.

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