Monday, February 16, 2009

A Review of Homeschooling ABCs by Knowledge Quest

When I was first considering homeschooling, I had a ton of questions. I'm sure we've all heard them rolling out of inquiring mouths or even thought them ourselves at some point or another.

Where do you buy curricula?
How do you even know what to buy?
Do you give tests?
How do you know you are teaching everything?
and the most common...
What about socialization!?

The problem was, I didn't know a single solitary homeschooler to ask my questions. Not one. I asked around locally and turned to the internet. In my search, I discovered a local friend was also contemplating homeschooling and also found another local family online with the same quest for information. Together, we all joined a local group and met another family just starting out. Unfortunately, it was a very small support group that really had its focus on older kids and not a great fit for young families new to homeschooling. The families starting out fumbled together and eventually we formed a thriving support group of our own. However, what I really needed in those just starting out times was someone willing to take me under their wing, invite me out for coffee, and guide me through those scary, overwhelming thoughts about homeschooling my children.

Terri Johnson of Knowledge Quest, a supplier of history and geography resources, is offering a new e-course, Homeschooling ABCs, to guide new homeschoolers. As an 11-year homeschooling veteran and mom of six, Terri will bring confidence and guidance to new homeschoolers through 26 weekly lessons delivered right to a personal email box. Terri takes the overwhelming and breaks it down into short and manageable lessons, designed to get a new homeschool up and running within 48 hours with continued success.

Lesson topics range from how to go about your first day, discovering learning style, where to find curricula, managing multiple ages and how to stay organized and sane all the while. The step-by-step approach to getting your homeschool started is non-threatening and Terri never makes you feel like you are behind. Most weekly lessons are about 5-10 pages of one topic, ending in a short assignment. Below you will find titles of the first 10 lessons.
  • 10 Steps to a Great Start in Homeschooling
  • Let's Being with the Basics
  • Copy the Classroom - Not!
  • Dare to Differentiate
  • Establish your Philosophy of Education
  • Finding the Best Curriculum for your Family
  • Get Together - Networking with other Homeschoolers
  • Hands-on Learning for Greater Retention
  • Internet and Library Research Skills
  • Just Say "No" - Staying Focused and On-Track
Helpful links and websites are included throughout, some of which I didn't learn about until I had been homeschooling for a couple of years. Not only does Terri include her words of wisdom, over $200 of bonus gifts from partnering companies are provided throughout the course. For example, in the lesson that discusses hands-on learning, two different science activity e-books from Hands of a Child are provided. Samplings of products, articles from experts, and various e-books will be available to you just when you need them.

Each homeschooling family is unique and has their own way of homeschooling. This e-course is geared towards Christian homeschoolers, with a lean towards those with younger children, larger families, and a more relaxed and eclectic approach. Because Terri is sharing a glimpse into her own personal homeschool, not every approach she takes will apply to everyone. However, she will point those just starting out, or even experienced homeschoolers that are revisiting their approach or in need of some encouragement, in a direction and share some great resources that are useful to all. Knowing where to look and what questions to ask is a great beginning for anyone trying to establish a homeschool they can call their own. Just as a friend would sit down and give you their personal story with guidance, so does Terri. The only thing missing is the cup of coffee or tea. So grab your favorite warm drink and get ready to learn from the experiences of a veteran homeschooler.

The Homeschool ABCs e-course costs $60, billed $10 monthly. This amounts to just $2.30 per lesson and comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. A free 5-day mini course titled Do You Want to Homeschool with Confidence? is available, with the first lesson arriving in your email box within moments, as an introduction to Terry's friendly teaching style.

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Angela said...

I still have to write my review for this but I LOVED it, I wish I would have known about this program when I started-it is just wonderful!