Monday, December 28, 2009

Strange and Unique Gifts

There are at least a couple each year. You know, the gift that gets numerous comments at the family gathering and is usually followed by, "Where on earth did you find that?" Then there are the gifts that provoke no comment, yet fill your head with thoughts about why the giver thought it might be appropriate for you.

Most gifts our family received this Christmas were right from wish lists or fairly standard. However, two stuck out this year. The first isn't a strange item on its own, but I thought it rather strange as a generic Christmas gift given without explanation to someone who has been happily married for 15 years.

Now, I'm sure Dr. Laura has lots of wonderful advice and I have nothing against her. However, I have to wonder if the giver thinks I'm in a rocky marriage! It may be a great book, but it just makes you wonder if it is perhaps some cryptic message or judgment? Just wondering...but not asking. At least it wasn't a weight loss book.

The second item falls within the unique category...giant marshmallows! What fun!

My son and daughter happily received these, with cocoa and jumbo mugs, from a grandparent. They are pictured with a standard sized coffee mug and mini marshmallows. I had to ask the gifter where they got these mammoth globs of squishy sugar. Unfortunately, it was clear on the other side of the country. However, through my friend named Google, I discovered they can be purchased here. I bet these would be a hit with all ages at winter parties.

What strange and unique Christmas gifts did you receive this year?


Mrs. White said...

Heidi, you are so funny. "At least it wasn't a weight loss book."

Mrs. White

TOSHeidi said...

Hilarious, Heidi!
I'm in the process of moving my blog over here, so I'm following you right on your blog now! :)

midwest mama said...
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midwest mama said...

I remember the year that my sil gave me a book on "training" toddlers---getting them to behave. At the time, she had one toddler and I had a toddler and a 1st grader (this was a while back). Wasn't sure what the message was there