Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My Kids Can’t Bowl!

Not that it is a  necessary life skill or anything, but WOW...my kids really stink at bowling.  Not that I'm great at it either, but it just took me a bit by surprise that they were both so, well...terrible!

For his birthday, my son asked if we could go bowling.  We haven't been bowling in ages.  Years and years, actually.  We headed out as a family and my son brought along a friend as part of his birthday celebration.

Within a few minutes of starting the first game, one of the kids said, 

"This isn't anything like Wii bowling!"

I think one of my kids now holds the record for gutter balls.  No amount of coaching could keep that ball out of the gutter.  Strangely enough, my son's friend was equally terrible!
You don't even need to knock down any pins (nada!) to have fun!

They finally ditched the graceful bowling form and did the 'ole roll-the-ball-down-the-lanes-between-your- legs action.  It wasn't exactly graceful, but the scores improved.
Not pretty, but effective!

For the last game, we requested that the bumpers be put up, much to the relief of the kids.  They faired better with the bumpers, but none of them reached a score of 100!
Up go the bumpers...

Scores before bumpers...

...and after bumpers!

As bad as they were, no one got upset and we all had a ton of laughs. Even though Wii bowling is a bit more encouraging (I suppose no one would buy it if users constantly got gutter balls), I think the real deal is a lot more fun.


Diane Allen said...

I love this post, but I have to tell you that I have the record for gutter balls and I got that record while taking bowling as a PE class in college! I had so many gb's that even when added to improved scores (like 120) at the end of the course, I still made a D. You have to work hard to make a D in bowling! Tell the kids that they should take something easy as a college pe -- like swimming.

Heidi said...

That's funny, Diane!

I admit to being a terrible bowler too, so maybe it is genetic!