Thursday, June 30, 2011

Review: Where is God?

Life does not come without difficult times, times that often have us wondering what is the purpose of our suffering and exactly where is God in all of it?  Often times, the very question of "Where is God in all this?" is a stumbling block for Christians and non-Christians alike.

In Where is God? by Dr. John Townsend, best-selling author of Boundaries, the very question of the title is addressed.

Townsend explores this topic through personal stories, logical reflection, and scriptures.  The 14 chapters cover such things as "Freedom in the Service of Love", "A Hope More Than Wishing", and "The God of Faith When There Are No Answers".

Dr. Townsend is a Christian physiologist, which I felt was heavily reflected in his approach on answering this question. In summary, the book seemed to be more of a process for the reader, rather than direct answers that some might be expecting.  Townsend does give the reader the insight that it is ok to question and be honest with God, while still having the trust that he has not left you and your situation has a purpose greater than you can perceive.  The reader is encouraged to continually seek God in all circumstances and feelings.

I personally found the book a very slow read and not very enlightening, though perhaps a thorough discussion for someone that is struggling with this question and needing some direction on being able to approach his or her difficult times.

Disclaimer:  I received this title at no charge from Thomas Nelson Inc. in exchange for my honest review.

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Michelle Smith said...

I wondered about this book, Heidi. Thanks so much for reviewing it. So many interesting books are available that I've learned to be fairly choosey and discerning for what is best for me to read for the specific struggles I'm having at the moment. I'm not sure this one would have been a good fit for me, either, and it's nice to have that confirmed yet see who I might recommend it to. :)