Thursday, August 20, 2009

E-Books and Copyrights

More and more companies are going digital. It reduces cost and some like the instant accessibility to the product. I've noticed that a new trend among vendors is to have security software as part of the download package. I'll admit that this sometimes irritates me because it may make the download a bit more difficult or restrict my own personal use in some way. For example, one product I've reviewed recently only allows you to print the product twice, even it you just print one page. For those who print of pages as needed, this is a hassle to work around. Often times you can't put the file with security features on to a memory stick to print at the local office supply store.

I've heard users get offended at security software and feel as if they are being treated as criminals. However, I understand this new trend is fueled by a general lack of respect for copyright laws. The ease of passing along a digital product does not make doing so morally correct. Unfortunately, it seems the passing along of copyrighted digital products isn't all that uncommon. I think some of it may simply be a lack of understanding that the material is copyrighted and that even if you delete the file from your system, passing along the file to someone else is illegal.

April, a member of the the TOS Crew, and Heidi Strawser, our wonderful Captain, have addressed this issue a bit more in-depth as well as listed some free resources for you. You can read more over at April's blog, ECloud Homeschool.

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