Monday, August 10, 2009

Where Has the Time Gone?

I had great intentions of lots of blog posts and some sprucing up around here. I can't say I exactly accomplished my goal, with just a couple of posts and adding categories to my sidebar. Now that fall is upon us, things will be picking up very soon.

The TOS Crew is in full swing and I have quite a few reviews that will hit my blog before my kids hit the school desks. You'll see reviews on the following companies within the next few weeks:

Sense & Sensibility
Barnum Software (Quarter Mile)
Grapevine Studies
Web Design for Kids
Maverick Books (Hank the Cowdog)
Nature Friend
Sue Gregg Cookbooks

These are just the products that I am currently reviewing. There are much more in store for this year. To look at this year's line-up, visit the official TOS Homeschool Crew blog.

I'll also continue to share all the "chatter and clatter" going on in our household, now that the lazy day of summer are coming to an end, as well as a homeschool informational series. For now, I think I'll enjoy a few peaceful hours while the kids are at VBS this week. I better take advantage of it now, because our schedule starts full force on August 24th.

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