Thursday, April 22, 2010

A library sale to dream about!

Our local library was having their semi-annual book sale today. Last night, as I was thinking through what needed to be done today, I decided I would skip the library sale. In reality, I don't need a single additional book and instead need to purge my shelves. At least, that was my thought when I drifted off to sleep.

It is funny how the mind works.

I had a dream that I did go to the library book sale...and that I found a whole box of homeschooling materials! The funny thing is, some of it was curriculum we don't even use and have no intentions of using. My dream state thought? Oh! I can just review these items and move them along!

When I woke up today, I decided that maybe I should go to the book sale. You never know what you'll miss by not going.

I didn't exactly find a box of homeschooling curriculum, but I did find plenty of educational items to use in our homeschool. One of my best finds was The Princeton Review guide for the AP US History exam, which my daughter plans to take next year. I also picked up some classics (Twain, Poe, Stowe), The Little, Brown Compact Handbook, and a McGraw-Hill book on writing college essays.

I was excited to find a book by John Rosemond, a speaker I listened to at the Midwest Homeschool Convention. Now, let me say that I wasn't completely on board with his talk, but he did have some good points. I had intended to check out one of his books from the library, rather than purchase. But for $1, I was willing to take a chance.

For fun, I found some knitting and crochet books - three to be exact! Oh, and the Dilbert book was to offset some of the deeper reads. I also found a half dozen Quick Cooking annual cookbooks. I often just jump on the internet when looking for recipes, but I like browsing cookbooks on occasion and I've liked these cookbooks in the past.

Probably the highlight was one of my kids' finds. The library was getting rid of their Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys books. They were shoved under a table with a sign that said "50 cents each, or sell as a set". My kids decided to ask what the price was for the whole set. They came running over to me, all excited, at the offer made by the little old ladies running the sale. $5 for all 41 books in the box! I wasn't sure who was more excited, my kids or the little old ladies. They thought it was so neat that these kids were spending their money on a set of old, wholesome books. In fact, my daughter was a bit embarrassed at what a ruckus was made. After they left to take their box of books to the van, the ladies then came over to me and continued to praise the kids up.

I spent just over $20, not including the $5 my kids spent. So, I guess is was worth going, even though I didn't land that box of homeschooling curricula and there was only one book that I we actually needed and would have ended up purchasing new. Now the only thing I need is more shelf space!


Kristenph said...

That reminds me...our library sale starts today!! I don't think I've got time to go though. But my husband picked up some amazing discards at his high school library. He got 2 Complete Works of Shakespeare! and a bunch of other classic books that I can't remember right now. All for FREE :) It's a very bad thing for both the husband and wife to have such a crazy book addiction :)

Anonymous said...

So, THAT'S where all of the good library sale books disappeared to. LOL! Just kidding, you left me a few. Ben came running up with a copy of The Iliad. You gotta love it when a nearly 13yo boy wants you to buy a book by Homer. :) That's a homeschooler all right... Katy

Heidi said...

Ohhh, I'm so glad you picked up The Iliad! I almost bought it. I had it in my hand and put it down. Now I can borrow it; you saved me a buck!