Thursday, April 1, 2010

Ultimate Frugality: Coupons for Salvation Army

I've always been a fairly frugal person, whether necessary or not. When my kids were little, the majority of their wardrobe consisted of garage sale finds. I just didn't see the point of spending a ton of money on clothing they'd outgrow in months. They certainly didn't care and it allowed us to spend that money saved on something else. After about age 6 or 7, though, garage sale finds weren't all that easy. Boys clothes tended to be destroyed and scarce. Older girls are pickier about what they wear, limiting options. At that point, I turned to store sales and the local Salvation Army.

While it does take more effort than walking into the latest department store, quality and fashionable clothing can be found at the Salvation Army. I think some of the items are overpriced (especially if you are used to garage sale prices), but the flip side is that the very expensive brands are priced the same as everything else and deals are to be found.

With the current economy, I'm finding frugality is a necessity right now. Whenever our family is in need of a particular item, I first check the Salvation Army before hitting a department store. Much to my delight, I recently discovered that you can download COUPONS for Salvation Army. I had never thought of visiting the Salvation Army website in search of coupons! This month, our area stores were offering 50% off all clothing during a set time and day with a coupon.

With coupon in hand, we headed out to shop. I had a specific item in mind that was needed for a costume, but took some time to browse the racks for other items. In the end, we walked out with a huge bag of clothing for less than $50.

I spent just over $2 per item on average. Our finds included expensive brands and items that looked new. My daughter is not the type that likes to look like a clone of every other 13-year-old. She has her own style and put together some cute outfits with her finds. In fact, she suggested having a party where each participant is given $10 to spend at the Salvation Army to create a unique outfit.

The next day we went to Kohl's, with a 30% off coupon (and Christmas gift cards). We spent about three times as much for fewer items. And it wasn't nearly as much fun.

Check with your local Salvation Army and see if they ever issue coupons. Even if they don't, most stores will offer discount days where certain items have a percentage off. Being frugal doesn't have to be a burden. Have fun with it and happy shopping!

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TOSHeidi said...

Wow! It looks like you made out like bandits - and I see some very cute stuff on that pile! Love it!

The Salvation Army stores near us (well, if you call 45 minutes away NEAR) have 1/2 price days on Wednesdays.

There is one particular Goodwill we like to go to - they have a Bargain Room - it's a pain because the stuff is just dumped in bins, but everything is 75 cents and we've gotten some great stuff in there!