Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dragon-taming spelling lessons

Recently Denise over at Got Chai posted about a very clear and awesome dream she had. Even since, it has had me thinking about dreams. My dreams reflect my waking thought process...which is never in a sequential manner. My husband calls it "cave hopping" and that my thought process is like exploring caves. It never goes in a straight path and sometimes I get sidetracked when I'm exploring, prolonging arriving at my final destination. Often times, I never reach my final destination! My husband says he has a filing cabinet in his brain. He selects the well-organized drawer and pulls out the file he needs. BORING, I say!

Anyhow, as a result of my waking thought process, my dreams are always this strange and twisting series of events that may or may not be related. Often, they are just plain weird. If I think really hard, I might find rhyme to reason for them, but it takes a bit of digging. It makes for some interesting dreams, but sometimes I'd like to have a dream that actually makes sense with clear meaning!

My son is much more like me when it comes to how he thinks. The recent dream he shared with me proves it. He says he was in charge of walking a rather unruly dragon (he walks a neighbor's dog on occasion) and he was having trouble trying to get it to behave. Then, he discovered that having the dragon listen to a certain kind of spelling CD tamed the dragon!

We recently started a new CD-based spelling program to supplement over the summer. I can't say my son is thrilled with it, but he isn't thrilled with spelling in general. But what exactly does this dream mean? Are his struggles with spelling as challenging as a wild dragon and the new program is bringing about control?


Or, perhaps it was just a silly dream bringing together the days events. I'm surprised his fire-breathing dragon didn't end up eating the disliked spelling CDs. Now that would be clear meaning!


Holly said...

Wow, what an interesting dream! It sounds like he subconciously is burdened with spelling (like the unruly dragon) and his mind was finding a solution in a different type of way to learn it?

Hope you have better luck! Just so you know, my children hated spelling until I tried SpellQuizzer with them. Now they love it and learn so much easier. I did a post on it here...


Heidi said...


My son is dyslexic, so spelling is definitely a unruly dragon for him. We've used a variety of methods and programs (including SpellQuizzer...liked that one!), but spelling is just a slow process.

The program with the CDs is actually effective. We'll start All About Spelling back up in the fall too. He's made a ton of progress over the last year or so, but I do think the process is very much like taming a beast!