Monday, October 24, 2011

My New Car Bling

After three weeks of less-than-exciting classroom time and 6 hours of driving practice with a very patient instructor, my daughter is heading to the Secretary of State to get her Level 1 license this afternoon. After the first two hours of instructional drive time, students are issued a pink slip to drive with a parent, so we've already experienced a few outings with her behind the wheel.  Our first trip was to karate class, when her little brother discovered another use for his sparring helmet. It was quite the adventurous ride.
If you spot a cute, short blonde behind the wheel with slightly nervous passengers, I'd appreciate your kindness and sympathy. The last thing either of us needs is an impatient, tailgating driver behind us.  So, much to my daughter's embarrassment, I've decided to announce our situation by adding a little bling to my car.  Michigan roads, here we come!


Heidi said...

LOL! Love this post. Ashley is finally going for her first test on Wednesday. Shh . . . don't tell anybody - she doesn't want to tell until she passes. :)

Heidi said...

Early congrats to Ashley! I'm sure she'll pass with flying colors!

Diane Allen said...

Love the bumper-sticker idea! My daughter drove herself to class all by herself today and picked up a teammate for soccer!

Under the Sky said...

This is such a great idea!! I think I will invest because it would relieve the stress I feel at having to do what the other drivers do all the time. I LOVE this! The picture of your son is *hilarious!*

Thanks so much for sharing!