Thursday, March 29, 2012

Homeschool Mosaics, A New Resource for Homeschoolers

Have you heard about Homeschool Mosaics, yet?

The primary goal of Homeschool Mosaics is to support homeschoolers. Our hope is that the diversity of our writers will be a gift to the diversity of our readers.

You'll have to wait until Monday, April 2nd for the big launch, but I can give you a bit of an inside scoop as a column writer.

Homeschooling Mosaics is intended to be a resource that has something for everyone.  Too often I see homeschoolers segregating themselves.  We often identify ourselves with outside affiliations, the type of resources we use, or learning styles of our students.  As a result, many of the resources available are singularly focused. However, we are all simply homeschoolers.  In that, we all have something in common and can offer support for each other.  While I am often interested in those homeschooling in similar situations, I also can glean a lot of ideas from others of a completely different style or circumstance.

There will be new content daily at Homeschool Mosaics with column writers covering a variety of topics with such columns as The Road to College, Organized Chaos, Notebooking & Lapbooking, Teachable Moments, The Field Trippin' Mama, Closet Unschooler, Unexpected Detour, and more. There will even be regular giveaways and recipes - free stuff and food, something we can all use!

As for myself, I'll be writing a column titled Uncovering the Gifts, which will focus on gifted, 2E (twice exceptional) and asynchronous learners. I will share our experiences (good and bad!), give practical tips, and hopefully a good deal of encouragement along the way.

Like the Homeschool Mosaics on Facebook, then come to the Homeschool Mosaics' Website Launch FB Party on Monday, April 2nd from 8-10 pm EST.  You'll be able to chat with column writers and have a chance at winning one of the over 50 prizes given away from some of your favorite vendors. Hope to see you there!

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My Own Sense and Sensibility said...

This is great. Thank you for sharing. I was inspired to share on my site as well. Blessings!