Friday, February 18, 2011

Review: Homeschooling for the Rest of Us

Have you ever felt discouraged when you see homeschooling magazine covers portraying the perfect homeschool family, complete with 10 identically dressed smiling children that you just know never fight, have spotless bedrooms, and always get their advanced school work done early?  I know that my family photo would not look as serene. Homeschooling for the Rest of Us, by Sonya Haskins, is meant as an encouragement to those who don't exactly fit the perfect homeschooling family mold.

Through personal stories and a conversational tone, Haskins covers the concerns of a beginning homeschooler,  Questioning relatives, messy homes, schedules, nurturing a child's heart, special needs children, homeschooling on a budget and, yes, even the socialization question are all part of this down-to-earth and practice guide to real-life homeschoolers.  Haskins gives very specific tips, schedule examples, chore lists, life skills to teach, field trip ideas, and more.

While I, a veteran homeschooler, didn't find this title very useful, it is sure to be a refreshing read as encouragement for those just beginning. 

Disclaimer:  I was provided the product free of charge by Bethany House in exchange for my honest review. I have received no other compensation.

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