Saturday, February 12, 2011

Review: Women's Tote 17" Laptop Briefcase (CSN Stores)

My favorite Christmas gift this year was a 17" Dell laptop.  I had been wanting a full-sized laptop for quite some time.  I wasn't planning to use it much outside of the house, given it's size, but I was looking for the flexibility of having one in the house (and surfing the net while snuggled in bed!).

However, I soon found I was dragging it out of the house.  Several times a week I find myself waiting for my kids while the are involved in various activities and having a laptop along is quite handy.  Unfortunately, I didn't have a case for it.  Not that it stopped me...I ended up using a canvas tote.  It wasn't very convenient, though.

When CSN Stores contacted me for a product review, I immediately checkout of their vast selection of laptop cases.  I ended up with this one:
In comes in black as well, but I liked the red.  This is a very spacious case with enough extra pockets to tote books, papers, cords, etc.  In fact, the first day I used this case, I thought I lost my checkbook.  I thought I had searched every pocket of the case, and then went through my car looking for the "lost" checkbook.  After returning empty handed, I found my checkbook in a pocket that I had forgotten to check. Yup - there is enough space in this case to loose things!

This is a nice sturdy laptop case that suits my needs just the fine.  If you are looking for a case for your laptop, there are thousands of options at CSN Stores.

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Heidi said...

I would have picked the red too. I love red. :)