Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I've Been Nominated for Being Thrifty!

I had a surprise today.  Someone nominated my blog for the Best Thrifty Homeschooler Blog category for the 7th Annual Homeschool Blog Awards.

While I *am* thrifty, I'm shocked to be nominated.  I really don't blog that much about my being a cheapskate frugal person.  I do have a scattering of posts on the topic, and you can read those by clicking the Money Savers tab in the navigation bar. Also, I love educational freebies, and have a Freebie tab for those as well.  Those that know me in real life, will agree with the nomination. I just didn't realize that it showed through at all on my blog.  Let's just say that I'm not above asking for discounts at a garage sale, digging through clothes at the Salvation Army, making laundry soap, finding Internet deals, and taking on DIY projects in the name of frugality.  While that frugality has gotten our family through some rocky finances in more recent years, I admit to the same tactics when it wasn't needed to pay the bills. So, I'm rather honored to even be nominated among some of those that blog more regularly about thriftiness.

That said, do check out the Homeschool Blog Awards by clicking the button below, and look at the other categories and nominees as well.  Voting is easy, so do some blog browsing and pick your favorite for each category!

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