Wednesday, May 30, 2012

There's a Par-Tey in the Choir Room

Our days of the Public School Experience are slowly winding down.  This past Friday, my daughter took her final for choir, which involved singing at our local senior center.  I thought this was a much more worthwhile experience than taking a multiple choice test.  However, the worthwhile experience category has sort of diminished entirely since.

The choir class at our fine local school is pretty much doing nothing productive for the remainder of the school year, which continues through the end of next week.  Tuesday my daughter announced that they ate cake.  Today involved karaoke and socializing.  I wonder what tomorrow brings? A pinata?  A little Limbo, perhaps?

Since my daughter has used almost all of her allotted absences with other commitments and I really don't want to risk any chance of needing to petition for the half credit of Fine Arts she will have earned, she'll continue to show up for the Choir Par-Tey each morning until the official end of school.

Is it really too much to ask the choir to sing in the final two weeks of school? Oh, wait. Silly me.  Karaoke, anyone?


Julieanne said...

Wow - I can't imagine two full weeks of doing nothing in a school classroom. Odd! When I was in music classes and choir classes in high school, we spent all but the last day or two working on new techniques or learning some music theory or learning how to listen to each other many things could be done in a couple of weeks! Sad. Hopefully, the rest of the Public School Experience hasn't been like that!


Heidi said...


The experience has been a mixed bag. Dd has mostly enjoyed it, but there have been other days prior to the end of the year where they've done *nothing* in class. Given that we are making a special trip there and I wait in the parking lot, it is irritating when there is no productivity.

I am glad we did it for a variety of reasons, which I'll likely blog about in the near future. Whether or not we do it again has not yet been determined. Since we are getting clear tangible and financial benefit through the arrangement (dual enrolled tuition covered), I see it more as doing our time in exchange. I would likely not have her take this particular class if the only benefit were the class itself.

Regardless, it has been an interesting experience and dd appreciates homeschooling even more now!