Friday, January 15, 2010

Fit Mommy - First Check In

The top 10 things I've learned this week:

10. I really stink at Wii inline skating and can never do a "trick" off the ramp.
9. Even virtual tennis balls are difficult for me to hit.
8. My dogs behave better in the evening if taken for a walk in the afternoon.
7. For a good night's sleep, cut water intake by 8 pm.
6. Never doubt that muscles are being worked out.
5. I can only go three days without chocolate.
4. There is a sequence to unplugging a Wii that eliminates potential for damage.
3. The Wii customer service is fairly pleasant and efficient!
2. Getting up at 7 am increases odds of getting in a morning workout
and most importantly...
1. If I set my stubborn mind to it, I CAN do it!

I joined in on Fit Mommy a week late and this is my first check in. I actually didn't start working toward my goals until this Monday. I had two goals:

1. increase water intake
2. work out 3 times a week

I pretty much only drink water, with the exception of my chai tea, and it was just a matter of drinking more (water that is, not the sugary chai!). I quickly discovered that the "more" should come earlier in the day, rather than after dinner time. Um, yeah...

For my workouts, I've been using the EA Active program for the Wii. The program has a 30 Day Challenge where it keeps track of all your exercises, calories burned, total time, etc. There are three levels you can select; I chose the wimpy low intensity.

Monday was my first workout. It was only 15 minutes long, which was fine with me (hey, I'm just doing what it tells me to do...). Tuesday was workout number two, at 20 minutes. While the actual workout didn't seem like much, I have to say I felt it the next day. I felt like an old lady that morning with the way my muscles ached! My low point was on Wednesday. At that point, rather than cry, I just had to laugh at my out-of-shape rear with some silliness.

Thankfully, Wednesday was a "rest" day on the 30 Day Challenge. Thursday's workout (around 15 minutes) worked more on upper arm, which gave my legs, that were screaming from lunges earlier in the week, a break.

Unfortunately, I didn't get my workout in today. I think I actually broke the Wii! It wouldn't turn on and I unplugged and replugged the connections to reset it. When it was up and running, all the faces were blue. Our Miis looked like the Na'vi from Avitar! I decided not to workout with a virtual trainer that looked like she was seriously oxygen deprived. Me being blue was one thing, but the trainer?

I looks like our Wii is going to need to go into service. I'm not sure what I'll be using for a workout next week. Perhaps I'll check out the Comcast On Demand service for The Firm workouts that Denise at Got Chai mentioned (though I have to admit, they have me a bit frightened...ain't nothin' firm around here...)

I also added in a daily walk, which has dual purpose because my dogs are getting a workout too. On average, I'm clocking about 30 minutes daily walking at a pretty good clip.

Lastly, I've cut out all that in-between snacking. I'm a complete grazer and we still have so many snacks around from Christmas. I received two boxes of Godiva for Christmas...two! The first box has already been applied to my middle. The other I'm afraid to open and I left it alone all week. Ok, so I did sneak about a half dozen cashews and about four M & Ms from another stash.

Overall, it was a fairly successful week. I clocked almost an hour of aerobic and toning exercise and about 2 1/2 hours of walking. I'm drinking lots of water and cut my calories quite a bit by not snacking. I could have done without the broken Wii!


Kathy said...

great idea to take the dogs for a walk

Michelle said...

Wow, you are doing great! I know you are going to be so fit very soon. Can you take the dogs for a longer walk this week while your Wii is being fixed?

~ Denise ~ said...

Oh my goodness, I dispise lunges! (Shudder) Seriously, I'd rather do push-ups than those things any day! (Ugh) However, they WORK as evidenced by the way (as you found) the thighs scream in rebellion the next day (or two).

Don't fear The Firm. (LOL) I think the majority of the On Demand ones have been shortened so they're nowhere near as long as the full version. My advice however, is to not use the weights your first time out. Or if you have really light ones (1-3 lbs) use those. Trust me on this. Your arms will thank me later! :)

Great start and a terrific post! I love how you listed the top 10 things you've learned this week! LOL Keep it up!

Tracy said...

It sounds like you had a great week.

I also completely dislike hiney is still sore from the ones I did on Thursday morning!

And you have way more will power than I...if I received two boxes of Godiva for Christmas, there would NOT be any left by now. :)

Keep up the great work!

Annie Kate said...

Wow! A thirty minute walk every day! How I envy you!

Enjoy your walks and your workouts. You are definitely doing very, very well. :)


Annie Kate

Mrs. White said...

Great ideas. I forgot about lunges. I think I'll add those in this week.

I can't even go 12 hours without chocolate! You are doing great!

Mrs. White

Christine:) said...

Keep up the wonderful work (outs)! I love your list of weekly goals:)