Friday, January 22, 2010

Fit Mommy - Week 2

Fit Mommy Check In - Week 2

I survived another week! The top 10 things I learned this week:

10. The phrase “absence makes the heart grow fonder” can also apply to chocolate.
9. Even couples married for 15 years can miscommunicate.
8. Practice does not always make perfect when it comes to inline skating on the Wii.
7. Inline skating can be removed for the workout of a particular Wii program.
6. It is possible to start to dislike trainers that aren't even real people.
5. Children behave better when given an afternoon walk, not just dogs!
4. Walking dogs can be a pain in the rear - literally.
3. If you eat salad for several days in a row, you'll actually start craving more.
2. One can work out and sweat for two weeks without losing a stinkin' pound.
1. In order to lose one pound, you must sweat or eliminate an additional 3500 calories.

I didn't get a good start on my goals this weekend. Saturday found me in the Godiva chocolate (just one piece, though!) and Sunday we had company over, resulting in lots of snacking. I didn't workout or take the dogs for a walk either day.

Sunday night, however, we discovered the Wii isn't broken. I was relieved to avoid The Firm videos. Whew! A near miss. A couple of the plugs in the back were in the wrong place, which made our Mii faces blue. This was my first suspicion, but I let those more technically-inclined trouble shoot. Apparently, "Did you check the plugs in the back of the TV?" means something different to the tech people in the house. Either that or "Yes, I unplugged everything and rehooked it all, " was somehow translated incorrectly by those non-techies in the house. Oh well, it was resolved Sunday night, which means I was ready to go for my Monday morning workout.

I used the EA Active program Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. I decided to move up to the a step up from wimpy moderate intensity level. As a result, the workouts were slightly longer, 25 minutes on average. Now that my legs are used to the excessive lunges (sigh) in this program, the workouts weren't bad at all. Calories burned for each workout averaged around 110. I don't feel like this is a huge workout, but it is manageable for now until I can work up some consistency. Anything longer wouldn't get done in the morning (or at all). I still stink at the inline skating and am considering removing it out of the workout. I'm getting tired of the trainer telling me, "If you focus, you'll do better next time," and "We need to build those leg muscles." Did I mention that she's really starting to annoy me?

Every day I took the dogs out and walked for about 30 minutes. In the past, I've been extremely lazy with walking our dogs. They are pretty low energy dogs and I hate the cold weather. Being Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs, they hate the warm weather. I've started walking them every day more out of guilt than for exercise. You see, my kids were hired by a neighbor to walk her dogs every day while she recovers from an injury. I was feeling a little guilty that the neighbor's dogs were getting a walk every day while our two lugs stayed indoors. Plus, I liked being nearby while my kids walked the neighborhood, which is on the larger side. So, when the kids walk the neighbor's dogs, I take our two out as well. I plan it so I'm not walking with my kids but cross paths a couple times while we are both out. I noticed that the kids getting out regularly has made a difference with getting one in particular to sit down for work. Hmmm.

While the walks have been going well, I do have an injury to report. Mentioning the word "walk" gets my two furry kids all wound up. And when I said big lugs...I meant big. They are each around 115 pounds. The younger of the two got so excited on Tuesday about a walk the she started running around the house, misjudged where she was going, and rammed me in the backside. Ouch. She nearly took me off my feet. The next day, I felt like I had done a 100 forward lunges the previous day. Just right side lunges I might add. She looks cute, but what a killer dog I have! I was really thankful that Wednesday was a "rest" day on the Wii program.

While the weekdays were better than the weekend nutritionally, I didn't exactly meet my goals. The water intake was just ok. I did do well with eating healthier things. We had a bunch of salad left over from our weekend and I had a salad every day for lunch. I was surprised how much I started to crave salad. I started feeling a bit like Elaine from Seinfeld, always wanting a big salad for lunch. I fell short when it came to the snacking though. I stayed away from the chocolate, but ended up sampling mixed nuts several times and finished off a bag of Fritos. I see the Fritos got Denise this week too, so at least I'm in good company.

The most disappointing part of my week is the fact that I haven't lost a pound. Not one! I'll admit I feel better and have more energy, but oh how I'd like to fit back into the jeans I was wearing three years ago. I have myself convinced that I'm working off the 10 pounds that usually appears right after Christmas, when all that chocolate finally settles on the hips. If I maintain my weight this month, perhaps it really means I lost 10 potential pounds! How's that for logic?

One little pound would be good for the encouragement though. Maybe next week.


~ Denise ~ said...

Oh my goodness, what's up with those dastardly Fritos anyway? Yikes! (LOL) Here I was feeling so awful for even posting that thinking, "Oh great. All my fellow Fit Moms are gonna let me have it!" LOL It really is nice to know we're all in the same bloated boat. ;)

Wow, I'm amazed your dog didn't completely knock you over! I know exactly how a massive amount of lunges feels, so I can vividly sympathize with your backside. (Ouch!)

Ok, I'd totally mute that trainer. Is that even possible? :/

Great post, as always. I really like your List of 10 Things You're Learned each week! :) Very fun!

Heather said...

Love your top ten list! This is wonderful to read. Walk is a dirty word around our dog as well:) Husband just came home, so I gotta go, but thanks for the laugh. Sounds like you are doing great!

Michelle said...

It sounds like you are doing great on your exercise! And, if it helps any, I have not lost a single pound either. ;)

I am sure this week will go better with your nutrition. If you need any help with that chocolate, I can help you get that out of your house. ;)

Debra said...

I like your logic with the weight thing... I haven't put batteries into my scale, so I have no idea what I weigh. Just that I need to drop at least 40 pounds. I think the scale would tell me something else though, so I'm not exactly looking for a 9v battery... I really, really don't want to know.

TOSHeidi said...

Heidi~ you make me smile! I didn't lose a single pound yet either. Ggrrr!!!

I've been meaning to tell you that your new profile picture is just adorable. You look like a teenager!

Heidi said...

Denise - I'm serious looking into the mute option. She is completely driving me crazy. I've thought about switching her out for the male trainer, though I suppose he's programmed to say "more focus" too.

TOS Heidi - I look like a teenager!? Now you are making ME smile! Thanks!

It sounds like I'm not alone in the (lack of) weight loss. I'm going to celebrate when that first pound comes off (but not with chocolate!).