Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Reflections of a Fit Mommy Wannabe

It was a full week before I decided
After seeing the original post
To join in on the Fit Mommy meme
With Got Chai as the host

I've never joined a meme
Yes, this is the very first one
How bad can the Beginner Level be
It almost sounded like fun

I started by drinking more water
And faithfully upped my intake
However, a trip to the bathroom at 2:30 a.m.
Had me considering more H2O a mistake

I have some weight to shed
I've become an 'ole spud on the couch
But I really had no idea
That doing so would create so much ouch

I decided to work out three times a week
And even threw in a daily walk
Because in order to post on Friday
I need something about which to talk

My first day was successful
The second not as bad as it would seem
But today is the third day
And my muscles are about to scream

My arms are aching, my feet hurt
I have pain running up my thigh
If this continues into next week
I'll be sure to tell Fit Mommy goodbye

Surely it can't remain this miserable
Remember - it is only the first week
But I can't help but think this Wednesday
That the outcome may be a bit bleak

I'm determined to make it to Friday
Through the week I will sustain
And I can only pray and hope
That next week will not cause so much pain


TOSHeidi said...

Heidi - LOL! What a fun poem. I'm with you - it's been an "interesting" week.

Michelle said...

You CAN do this! I know you can! But a very cute poem! ;)

Tracy said...

Excellent poem! You are very creative!