Friday, January 29, 2010

Fit Mommy - Week 3

Fit Mommy Check In - Week 3

Short version: Bleh!

Long version:
The top ten things I learned this week:

10. Sneaking small bites will eventually lead to a whole piece of cake
9. Resisting chocolate just means I'll crave something else.
8. Counting calories may be necessary in weight loss endeavors.
7. Calories in pizza of meat-piled high pizza = 350
6. Workouts without inline skating are more enjoyable.
5. Shoes not put away can be dangerous.
4. Walking dogs can be expensive.
3. Getting fit is contagious.
2. I'm not the only one annoyed by virtual trainers.
1. Misery really does love company.

Well, this certainly wasn't my best week to date, but all was not lost (including that one single pound I needed for encouragement).

Nutritionally, the week was a complete flop. The weekend started with a family celebration of my daughter's 13th birthday on Saturday. There was pizza...and cake.
It wouldn't have been right to not have cake. Besides, my husband's mother made it and she would have been offended, right? (It was delicious, I might add!).

In addition to the cake above, my daughter wanted a chocolate eclair cake for an evening dessert. The recipe basically consists of graham crackers, pudding, whipped cream, and chocolate frosting. We were all full from the celebration Saturday and we saved the eclair cake for Sunday. Nope - Sunday didn't go too well nutritionally either.

On top of that, that left over eclair cake was just too darn accessible. You know...just take a little bite and it will be ok. Do you know how many bites I had over the course of the week? (Hint: How many times do you walk past a refrigerator in a day?) I'm not going there.

The evil Fritos have been devoured banished from the house, but the mixed nuts are still around. I have not yet opened the box of Godiva, but in doing so I realized that I just crave some other food. Honestly, I'd rather have the Godiva over the mixed nuts, but I don't think I can claim success if I replace the Godiva with mixed nuts. So, I've come to one conclusion...

I need to count calories.

Ack! I hate counting calories. I think I have to go there, if I want to lose any weight. And since I not only had pizza on Saturday, but on Thursday night, too, when my husband announced the family was going out for pizza, I decided to start there.

One slice of meat-piled high piece of pizza equals 350 calories (per Diet Bites...though I think they need to change the name of the site to Dieting Bites...hrmph)

Now, I did a little better in the area of exercising, but not as well as the first two weeks. I worked out with the Wii on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. I removed the inline skating from the workouts. I could no longer control my desire to whip the controller at the screen when the virtual trainer told me I needed to "focus". I walked the dogs on Monday and Tuesday. A couple of things got in the way of successfully working out as planned though.

I have another injury to report. Now, this didn't happen while trying to get fit, like my dog related injury of least week, but the event I'm going to tell you did make my Tuesday workout difficult. It all started with a boot...
...a misplaced boot, I might add. Now, I thought an excited 115 pound dog was dangerous, but it turns out this sad-looking boot is even more dangerous. Unfortunately for the dog, she discovered that too.

There is still debate on whether the boot was in the middle of the room or by the baseboard. In the end, it doesn't really matter because it found me. I promptly tripped over it. Tripping over things usually isn't all the uncommon with me. I tend to find things to trip over. However, there usually isn't a hard-headed dog waiting to meet my chin on the way down, temporarily sending my upper torso in the opposite direction. Since my hands were in the process of flying in an upward direction and no longer able catch the fall of the rest of my body going in a downward direction, my kneecaps decided to step up to the task. Sigh. I have to say it was one of the more painful falls I've taken (I think the dog's skull would agree) and I felt it the next day. If nothing else, I'm giving myself a pat on the back for working out on Tuesday.

Both an encouragement and a discouragement was when the Wii program awarded me a trophy for reaching the milestone of burning 1000 calories since I first started. My first thought was, "Yay! 1000 calories!" My next thought was, "That's only three pieces of pizza and I've been working out for 2 1/2 weeks." Instead of a virtual trophy, the program should award three slices of pizza, because I worked out for 2 1/2 weeks to eat them. Of course, if I were eating virtual pizza, I wouldn't have this problem, would I? Simple math folks...I either need to workout more or eat less.

Now, the reason the dogs (and I) didn't get their walk the rest of week is because the younger of the two started showing signs of pain in her shoulders. I wasn't up to walking the neighborhood without my furry companionship and I didn't have the heart to take one dog out and not the other. One vet trip and $277 later and the diagnosis is bursitis (inflammation in the shoulder), which is better than other major shoulder issues that are common with this breed. The prescribed treatment is no walks for 2 months, some natural supplements, pain meds when needed, and a diet to lose 5 pounds. Now the dog and I can diet together. I'm going to be really mad if she loses the first pound before me.

I'm searching for some positive events of the week, and I do have one to report. Unfortunately, it meant that I didn't get my workout in today. My daughter "stole" my Wii time to workout herself. I had already slept in late, or I would have already been done before she came down in workout clothes and announced she was going to work out...right now...just before I was headed to the Wii to workout. I let her have it...the Wii time, I mean...because I was happy to see that she was catching the "fit bug" herself. It meant that I wouldn't have time to workout and shower before needing to leave for the vet though. By the way, come to find out the virtual trainer annoys her too!

On a final note, I'm not as discouraged as I would have been if I hadn't read last Friday the thoughts of many of the other Fit Mommies after many had less-than-perfect weeks. Misery really does love company and I'm glad to have such awesome ladies to be miserable with! Since I am a week behind everyone, it must be the third week struggle. I hope to have a better report next week!


~ Denise ~ said...

Oh my goodness, Heidi you are sooo funny! I LOVE your posts!!

I'd be pretty darn upset if my moose of a dog lost weight before me, too! ;)

I'd also have to snitch several bites of cake, too. (Ahem) As I mentioned to another Fit Mommy, I cannot resist cake and icing. Never. No way. Nope! Especially not when the cake looks as amazing at that one! (Wow!) Did your mother in law make that?!

Yes, dieting indeed BITES! (That reminds me of something one of the Firm trainers said in her video; during a lengthy running session, she bubbles,"Now isn't this better than dieting?" Seriously wanted to throw something hard and BIG at my TV screen!)

See you next week, dear!

Oh wait. One last thing; I didn't give up my chai due to Fit Mommy. It was hurting my stomach and making me break out...again! Ugh! This is only temporary, I assure you! ;)

Mrs. White said...

Wow Heidi, this is great! I love how you talk about food!

The fact is, if we all keep trying, we'll never fail!

homeschool101 said...

Heidi, I have never laughed so hard. I think our week was just to darn similar. The cake, who can resit, you almost taste it in your mouth just looking at that darn thing. Lol. My sons was so yummy so bad of me But this week I only had 2 small pieces and 1 half. Thank God it is almost gone, I keep encouraging everyone to finish it off before I fall again. Lol.
The shoes, Oh man! Woops rigt by the stair case so doing my stair climbs was very dangerous a few days this week. Yelp!
The dog, well we wont go there. He just to darn big and to skinny, And I purposely try to make him fat. NOT WORKING! Lol! Something about that needs to be reversed like I should be able to lose it and he should gain it. Lol.

Better luck for us next week. Have great weekend. :)

Michelle said...

I'm so sorry about the tripping over the boot! I hope you are well now. Yet it still sounds so much better than my own complaint this week, and why I skipped this week. You see . . .

"I pulled muscles in my hip area vomiting last weekend." See how lame that is? Now don't you feel better that you injured yourself trying to take your dog for a walk? :)

I think you're doing great! Keep up the good work! :)