Friday, March 19, 2010

Fit Mommy - Week 10

This is my weekly check-in for Fit Mommy, hosted by Denise over at Got Chai?

10. Chocolate must never be lonely
9. I can live without chai, but it isn't any fun.
8. Sunshine is good for the mood.
7. When frustrated, change it up.
6. The perfect place for a trampoline is in front of the TV.
5. 70 pound boys are great back-crackers.
4. Cheerleaders should not be allowed in exercise DVDs.
3. Exercise is more tolerable with an ipod.
2. CS Lewis requires too much thought for exercise entertainment
1. Regular moms are my inspiration. Thanks Fit Mommies!

It has been another semi-successful Fit Mommy week.

I haven't been focusing on nutrition too much lately. My goals are pretty much to eat in moderation and not pig out! One day this week I was rummaging the cupboard and found a chocolate left over from Valentine's Day. It looked so lonely, in the heart-shaped box all by itself. CHOMP! There. All better. The only reason it survived this long is because I keep all the snacks and candy in the highest cupboard, which is almost out of my reach entirely. If I really want to see what is in there, I need a chair to view all the way to the back where stuff often ends up. It was definitely a "chair day".

I gave up my sugary chai for a few days. Unfortunately, it was because I ran out, not because of my awesome will power! I literally purchase this stuff 10 pounds at a time in three flavors. My supply (vanilla) and my daughter's supply (chocolate) have been diminished, but the hubby still has some of his (spiced). I've been drinking spiced until I can get some more on order. Did it surprise you that chocolate isn't my favorite? It is my preference, over ice, when the weather is warmer. We've had a warm spell here and I'll need that chocolate chai soon. I've really been enjoying the recent sunshine and temperatures in the 60s. Since I tend to eat when it is dark and dreary, I'm looking forward to warmer days to help with the Fit Mommy process. I've really had a boost this week from the weather. Snow is expected this weekend. I better get all of the snacks out of the house!

So, the battle of will power and the call of snacks continues in my home. My hope is that I'm offsetting my failings with my workouts.

I decided I needed a change of pace in my workouts. Really, wishing the job of poo duty on your virtual trainer can't be healthy, can it?

So, I decided to move the Neekdak trampoline from the school room to the basement in front of our large screen TV. My husband was really opposed to this idea (we call the basement the "Man Cave" for a reason), but I promised I would keep it moved to the side when not in use. I actually caught one of the kids bouncing away on it while watching TV. It might actually get more use in its new location.

Remember the Urban Rebounder craze several years ago? I have several DVDs of rebounder workouts. I'm happy to say that I worked out four times this week! I feel really good about this. Though I'm using the Basic Workout (the DVD has several levels), it is a harder workout than the one I've been doing on the Wii. Each workout is about 30 minutes long with constant movement, unlike the Wii which has pauses between every activity. There are five sections: warm-up, cardio, sports, cool-down and abs. The cardio is the hardest for me at the moment, with abs (ouch!) a close second.

(A side story - I have a vertebrae that tends to slip out on occasion, requiring a good back cracking. Usually my husband gets to play chiropractor, but twice it happened this week after working out and the hubby had already gone to work. I've discovered my son is the perfect weight for back cracking. He just stands on my back and gives a little bounce. I'm not sure why, but the kids take great enjoyment in this. I may be old, but at least I'm still entertaining. Sigh.)

Lest you think my dislike for trainers is limited to virtual ones, do not be fooled! Actually, the male trainer in this video does not get on my nerves nearly as much as the person doing the exercises behind him, and she doesn't even say a word! Ok - so I'm jealous of her perfect body, but that isn't really my problem. The other two women are extremely fit as well. However, she is just entirely too perky. I'm positive she either is or was a cheerleader. How do I know this? She has those sharp and distinct movements and does that head thing throughout the DVD. You know, that little head jerk to the side cheerleaders do after each movement? What kills me is she does it during the stretches too! At the end of the stretch she smiles wide and jerks her head to finish it off. Drives. Me. Crazy.

I decided I needed a distraction to focus my brain on while working out. I'm sure Cheerleader Lady is really a very nice person, but I was spending too much negative mental energy on her. So, I got out the best tuning out device I know - an iPod. (I wrote about the effects of this little device earlier in the week). Actually, it was an old MP3 player. The only thing on it was CS Lewis' Mere Christianity. So, I listened to Lewis' logical explanation of Christianity while bouncing on a trampoline in sync with Cheerleader Lady. While I love CS Lewis, it was a bit too heavy of material to really pay attention to while bouncing around. I'll find something a little less involved, either an entertaining story or some energizing music, for next week. But for this week, it saved my sanity and it made my workouts go much, much faster.

However, I would love find a workout that has normal people in it. Real people. People who actually sweat and have belly fat jiggling with every move. It would be so much more inspiring. This is why I love Fit Mommy. You are all real moms. While some of you are farther down the fitness path than I am, I know you are regular homeschooling moms and what you are doing is not outside of my grasp. And for those of you doing less, it keeps me going too. I think, "They are still in the game. They are not giving up. They have bad weeks too." It is just the boost I need to get back on the wagon.


Twisted Cinderella said...

what brand of chai tea do you get. I LOVE Honey Vanilla Chai tea! I find it so soothing. And this chocoholic actually prefers Honey Vanilla Chai to the chocolate one too.

Heidi said...

Hi Twisted Cinderella,

I mostly drink Big Train, which I have yet to find here locally! In a pinch, I'll drink Tazo until my next order of Big Train comes in. I love chai from Starbucks, which we call Fourbucks, but can't afford to do that too often!

Michelle said...

Have you tried the Leslie Sansone DVDs? I actually really like her. Most workout DVDs really bug me after a while. "Too perky" rates high on my personal irritation meter. Yet, something about Leslie Sansone is encouraging while still being genuine. At least, I think so. :) Lots of sweat on her DVDs, though don't expect to see lots of jiggly fat. Not on the two I have.

Heidi said...

I haven't tried those yet, Michelle. I'll have to look into them. Thanks!

Mrs. White said...

I posted my Fit Mommy week late and am now trying to catch up on how everyone else did last week!

You are always so funny!!!

Mrs. White