Friday, March 26, 2010

Fit Mommy - Week 11

This is my weekly check-in for Fit Mommy, hosted by Denise over at Got Chai?

Normally, I do a Top 10 Things I've Learned This Week deal each Fit Mommy check in. I must have had a very flat learning curve this week. Or maybe I'm just being lazy. Either way, I can't think of 10 things I learned. The Top 5 Things just doesn't sound right. Maybe next week will be a better learning environment!

Nutritionally, there was a bit of a turn around. Hubby said that he was wanting to eat a bit better. Now, if you are wondering why hubby's eating habits impact my eating habits, it all has to do with self control and when one has it. It is a simple.

One husband with no self-control at the store
One wife with no self-control at home
A chubby wife and a husband wondering where his ice cream is two weeks after purchase

Now, I have great self-control at the store. I really don't buy a lot of junk, even chocolate! The hubby, however, brings chips, ice cream, and chocolate into the house and then leaves it with me, the glutenous wife, and my two growing helpers all day. A couple weeks later he'll remember that double chocolate ice cream he bought and go to scoop himself a bowl. Seriously - does he really expect that ice cream to be around?

If hubby is on board with healthy eating, I have some hope. We'll see if he really means it. Even though we still have some junk around at the moment, I actually didn't rummage for chocolate, had a salad or two, and remembered vitamins most of the week.

For exercise, I'm continuing to work out with the trampoline/rebounder. This week, I've turned the sound all the way off. It is so much tolerable that way, though Cheerleader Lady does still drive me nuts. Instead of CS Lewis, I've gone for music, requiring a little less of my attention, and have been listening to The Sparks, a Christian duo that performed at our church a few years back. I don't use my MP3 player much and I need to add some more music to it for next week. I never really times the length of the workout last week (and it wasn't listed on the DVD) and made a point to do so this week. It is almost 30 minutes exactly.

I worked out Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday I woke up cranky with a cold my husband shared with me. I had trouble sleeping during the night and just wasn't up to working out. Thursday I was feeling a bit better and could probably have worked out, but decided to milk it a bit longer. Today I was back to working out in the morning, though I did stall quite a bit. Later, a friend is coming over to drop off something and we decided to hit the outdoors for a walk. I get some exercise while catching up with a friend - double duty!

Next week I'm going to try for working out 5 days a week rather than my usual 3 days. Hopefully I'll have some good news for my check in next week.


Annie Kate said...

Yes, I do understand how helpful it is to have hubby on board. :) Your exercise has gone very well, too, even though you had a cold. Way to go!

I hope that you'll have a great week coming up, and remember, working out 3 x is still great...just in case you don't make it to 5.

Annie Kate

Twisted Cinderella said...

I was saying today that a it is so much easier to keep on track with a weight loss plan if you everyone on board with it.

Cheryl Henderson said...

My husband is helpful with my desire for weight loss. Unfortunately sometimes his help comes in the form of "want me to pick up some jalepeno chips for you?" But he means well, so I think I'll keep him. :-) I'm sure that next week will definitely be a good one for you.

Tracy said...

A fellow 'no self control at all' girl here! If it's in the house, I'll eat it. If it's in front of me at my friend's house, I'll eat it. Thankfully the only treats we keep in the house are dark chocolate - it's good for me! - and fruit. Now that I'm tracking calories more faithful though, I find I don't want to waste them on just anything. lol!

It sounds like you had a good week and I'm glad your cold didn't hang around too long.