Friday, March 12, 2010

Fit Mommy - Week 8 and 9

This is my weekly check-in for Fit Mommy, hosted by Denise over at Got Chai?

I was sort of missing in action last week for Fit Mommy. How appropriate, since the action has been missing lately. Sigh. I've been on a decline and it hasn't been with my weight.

Top 10 things I learned the past two weeks...

10. My family reads my Fit Mommy posts.
9. My family thinks I'm saner than I really am.
8. Husbands doing disco moves when watching wives work out must be universal.
7. I have an unhealthy animosity toward virtual trainers.
6. I ache if I *don't* workout.
5. Horizontal stripes are a good thing.
4. Homemade cookies...not a good thing.
3. Warmer weather curbs my appetite.
2. I don't care about will power, I don't even *want* to resist chocolate covered pretzels!
1. I might just have to break into a run to catch up to the wagon again.

After my last Fit Mommy post two weeks ago, both my daughter and husband made a comment about me talking to my clothing. Honestly, this came to a surprise to them? I mean, they see me talking to *myself* all the time, why not jeans? Oh well. It tickled me that they actually read my Fit Mommy post though. (Dear daughter, you better have your school work done if you are reading this!)

Last week actually didn't start off too bad. I worked out three of the four days that I had planned on. I wasn't feeling well early in the week, but I still worked out. Yay me! At one point my husband came up and started doing some strange Saturday Night Fever moves in an effort to mock my awesome workout action. What is up with that? Then, I remembered Mrs. White commenting that Mr. White has been known to go into some funky moves when she works out. Do all husbands do this?

At the end of the week, I got bogged down in schedule and attitude. I was tired and cranky and just wasn't up to working out. Unfortunately, it carried through to this entire week. I didn't work out once. The closest I came was hauling about 7 bags of doggy doo-doo to the curb after cleaning up our yard that looked a poop bomb went off after the snow all melted. I'd much rather deal with the dreaded virtual trainer for a workout than haul poo. Actually, I'd much prefer if the virtual trainer did poop duty. I could sit on the deck and encourage her with, "Way to go! You can do it!"

One thing I noticed this week is I'm actually aching more having *not* worked out. My knee has been stiff and my muscles sore. They hurt more than when I have a really good workout. It is motivation to get going again.

I'm tired of the slow progress though. I saw an advertisement in a local publication that said their workouts burn 800 calories each time. Sigh. That is about 8 workouts for me! A bit discouraging. My husband made up for it by mentioning a new shirt looked nice on me (Thanks, hon! Love you!). Note to self: Get more shirts with horizontal stripes.

Nutritionally hasn't been much better, but not awful either. I've tried to remember my vitamins and have been drinking cherry juice regularly (something I've done in the past, but have stopped for awhile.) The weather has been nice and warm, relatively speaking, and I've wanted to pig out less. I had some slip ups though. I made some homemade chocolate (of course) chip cookies for a potluck, but made a DOUBLE batch so we'd have some at home too. That probably wasn't the best idea. Then today my husband brought home some absolutely delicious chocolate-covered pretzels, complete with gooey caramel, marshmallows, and other bad-for-you-but-tastes-so-good toppings. Fit Mommy? What's Fit Mommy? I'll take two!

The sprint I'll need to break into to catch up with the Fit Mommy wagon next week will do me some good.


Annie Kate said...

Oh Heidi, you make me laugh! What a cheery break in my morning!

You'll get back on the bandwagon, and I'm sure you'll have fun doing it. Have a great week!


Annie Kate

Megan said...

Love the things you learned this week. :)

And NO, your dh is not the only one who busts out a move when you are doing a workout dvd. My dh is merciless, but one day I got him to do Jillian Michaels' 30 Minute Shred, and he was soooo sore after. Haha. He lightened up a bit on the teasing after that.

Tracy said...

My husband acts silly when I stretch so I think it's pretty universal behavior! lol If he brought chocolate covered anything home, I would kiss my willpower goodbye too. The bandwagon will circlea around and pick you up. Tomorrow is a new day! You can do it!

~ Denise ~ said...

LOL!!!! I'm with you! Let's make those virtual trainers haul poo!! Hee hee. That'll fix 'em! ;)

LOVE your posts, Heidi. They always bring such a huge smile to my face.

Oh yes, and my hubby can act silly if he sees me workout, too. That's why I don't do it in front of him. ;) Ha ha!
And lastly, I agree with both you and Tracy; chocolate covered anything is grounds for will-power dismissal! :D