Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Molly, the Incredibly Addicting Barn Owl

For those of you who haven't heard about the wild barn own named Molly, you can check out a live feed of her and her baby, Max, here.

Four more eggs are yet to hatch. My kids and I keep checking back to see if she has another owlet; one is expected to hatch today. Excitement roars at our house at every move. "Look...she's standing up! Oh, look at the baby. I wonder when is she going to eat that rabbit?" The other day, we watched Molly swallow a rabbit whole. That was impressive. Yesterday, we watched her feed Max pieces of a mouse.

Check Molly out if you get a chance. It sure beats what is on TV and is commercial-free. Be careful though, watching Molly is incredibly addicting.


Diane Allen said...

Heidi -- we've caught the Molly craze as well. I'm posting questions and activities you can do with your children to bring a little owlish fun to writing and nature study. I'm also giving away 3 owl pellets to some lucky families at the end of the week!

Heidi said...


I'll have to check it out! I never thought my kids would be so interested in a barn owl!