Monday, January 16, 2012

Eight Glasses and Eight Tweets a Day

My husband and I were out shopping for refrigerators this evening.  In our seventeen years of marriage, we've actually never purchased a refrigerator, since both homes we've purchased included appliances.  As we were browsing the many options and designs (and prices!), I came across a feature that I would have never considered for a refrigerator - the ability to Tweet.
If Tweeting isn't enough for you, you can browse photos, type up memos, look up the weather, and read the latest via AP News, all while you fill your glass up from the water dispenser.

Don't get me wrong.  I'm quite the fan of technology.  I love my iPhone that gives me access to information while away from home. But, really?  Are we this attached to instant access of information that we need to have it located on the refrigerator as if it is some sort of food source?

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Grapevine Di said...

Amazing. What happened to appliances that did only one job, like keeping food cold?