Monday, February 20, 2012

Figuring Out Compensation Strategies

My son has a difficult time remembering things.  I'll admit, he comes by it honestly.  I've always needed to rely on checklists to make sure I don't forget some important item before heading out the door. It isn't all that uncommon for me to back up in the driveway to run into the house for some last minute item.

In the past, my son hasn't bothered with lists. Instead, he's just relied on his mom, flawed that I am, to be his frontal lobe and remember things for him.

However, I've noticed some compensation strategies developing recently. The night before an important event, he made a list of what he needed to bring and actually taped it to his coat. He didn't forget a thing! 
It could be he is just getting older and showing some maturity.  Or maybe he's realizing how risky it is to rely on his mom!  Instead, I'd like to think I've been a good role model in how to overcome weaknesses. Good role model...I'll go with that and keep my self-esteem. Regardless, it is really nice to see him figuring out what he needs to do on his own.

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