Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Our Homeschool Is Just Fine, Thank You

The next time someone claims that the local public school, trained expert teachers, and superior educational environment can do better than the individualize tailored education that my children receive in our homeschool, I think I'll direct them to this video.

Um, yeah...I don't think your focus needs to be what my students are learning. Yep, I think we are just fine.


Debbie said...

I should not have watched this while eating! My 11yo answered all the questions correctly except for the vp. Guess I'm doing ok. :)

Luke said...

I'll admit: I didn't think of "United States" as a "U" country. I think there are solid psychological reasons for this, and I could easily rattle off a few other names anyway.

Also, I completely spaced the "Revolutionary War" title when he asked the question. But that also doesn't bother me too much.

But more on point: Totally agree! Homeschoolers are doing just fine [smile].


Heidi said...

Luke, While you didn't come up with United States, I'm guessing one of your choices was *not* "Utopia"! :)

The Crazy Mom said...

I didn't think of United States either. But aren't we offically The United States of America? I thought of Uganda where my son went for two months on a missions trip. :)