Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Neverending Choir

I realized I haven't updated much on our homeschooler-goes-to-public-school story.  I have a few humorous stories (like the girl named Lyric who doesn't sing!) which I'll share at another time, but overall it has been an interesting experience for dd.  Not bad. Not spectacular. Just different. As for me, I'm pretty much ready for our adventure to end.  I'm not cut out for being on a schedule that is not my own.

Now that May is nearly here, much of dd's coursework is winding down.  Her two college classes, the whole reason for this single class at the high school, were completed last week.  Three other classes/subjects will be done in less than two weeks.  Choir? *SEVEN* more weeks. It just seems to be going on and on and on.

As she's always been curious about what it is like to go to school, I inquired if this has satisfied the mystery.  I mentioned we could enroll her full time if the one class didn't cut it. *wink*  Her reply? "I'm so over that!" No, honey, you've got seven more weeks until you can be over it. Come on, June!

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