Sunday, August 15, 2010

Is fall planning stressing you out?

Does the thought of planning your school year make you feel like this?

Are you overwhelmed at the household chores waiting for you? 

Are you constantly baffled on what to make for dinner or do you hold a frequent customer card for the local pizza joint?

Does the very thought of planning out curriculum and daily schedules make you want to chase down the big yellow bus and shove your kids on board?

Don't despair! It is not too late! Help is on the way!

The 2010 Schoolhouse Planner, containing 614 sanity-saving pages, is available as an instantly downloadable E-book for $39 or on CD for $44

Need some homeschool inspiration through encouraging articles? 

It's in there!

How about household forms to keep track of chores, grocery lists, budgets, even to help plan your garden?

It's in there!

Would you love to have tried-and-true recipes submitted by busy homeschool moms just like you?

It's in there!

Want all the work done for you, with every imaginable form for your homeschool already created? Curriculum planning, daily records and schedules, log sheets, unit study forms, co-op sheets...

It's all in there!

 Over 120 unique and fully editable forms are available to customize for your family.  Just type in your personalized information and print.  Make one for each family member! No worries if your schedule changes.  Simply change the forms and reprint a new one. Customize a planner with only the exact forms you need.  Or, save even more by going paperless and keeping a digital planner.

Get your household in order with a full selection of forms to organize essential information for your home.  Find emergency information and contact information at a glance.  Keep your family full and happy with meal planning forms and 84 tried-and-true recipes.  You'll find forms that you didn't even know you needed!

Each month, two encouraging homeschool articles and two "must-know" lists offer up support to keep you going and your children learning.  Monthly ideas and resource lists are right at your finger tips.

There's more!  If you order by August 15th, you'll receive a FREE gift of 12 E-books.
Still not sure?  Check out an entirely free 59-page sample at absolutely no obligation to purchase.

This really is a no-brainer, folks!  The only thing this planner doesn't do is clean the house, cook the meals, and teach the kids.  

So, relax.  Planning for a household and school year doesn't need to cause migraines, heart palpitations, or possible injury by throwing yourself in front of a yellow bus to add a few passengers. 

Click your way to sanity with the purchase of The 2010 Schoolhouse Planner as an E-book ($39.99) or CD ($44.00, shipping included!).  All E-Books published by The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine come with a 7-day, 100% money-back guarantee!

 The 2010 Schoolhouse Planner makes it easy for you. Grab an iced coffee, put up your feet, and enjoy the last few days of summer as you head into an organized fall.

*Important Disclosure, please read!
This blog post is not only a reflection of the number of infomercials viewed by the author, but also part of an advertising campaign and contest.  I, an independent contractor for TOS, received the E-book version of The Schoolhouse Planner in order to write this ad. While the woman pictured in this post is not me and my real husband is much better looking with a full head of hair, I really do get overwhelmed with schedule and meal planning. Since I can't afford a maid, personal chef, chauffeur, nor a private tutor, it is my hope that my new planner will continue to make my numerous jobs easier. If you are looking for a versatile planner that will help you more efficiently plan and run your home, check out The Schoolhouse Planner!


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Hey, I will be emailing soon-have some issues with the lapbook strips-

Have a good one and will be chatting-

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Heidi said...

Thank you, everyone! I enjoyed writing it!

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