Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Samson's Big Move (4H2O Eco Challenge 2010)

A few weeks ago my daughter the 4-H2O Eco Challenge 2010 camp.  The camp was made possible through 4-H, Toyota, Indian Springs Metropark, and Heavner Canoe Rental.  The participants, grades 7-10, learned not only about the ecosystem, but technology was also integrated into the learning experience. One of the projects for the week was for the students to split into groups and create a video about some of what they learned over the course of the week.  I really appreciated the combination of learning about nature and technology and thought I'd share the end result of my daughter's group, just for fun!

And just a plug for 4-H... if you aren't involved in this organization, you should definitely consider it. 4-H is about much more than cows, pigs, and chickens!

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Berry Patch said...

We just joined 4-H this year. My boys are enjoying it - as am I. I'm looking forward to a full year coming fall.