Sunday, October 24, 2010

The binder's kids have no lapbooks

Some of you may know that our family owns a bindery.  It is a third generation bindery that has been fruitful in the past, but has been struggling with the recent economy given that most of our business is automotive driven.  For the last two years, my husband and I have been brainstorming ideas that could use our bindery business to serve the homeschooling community, which is a little closer to our heart.We've come up with a few ideas, but they have been slow to come to realization.  Creating a new product is a lot of work, especially when you don't have all the skill set needed to produce it.  One product, which is almost complete, has involved a detailed cover.  Have I ever mentioned that I'm pretty graphics challenged?

For the last couple of months, I've been thinking up products that would simplify a lapbooker's life.  The problem?  I don't lapbook!  However, not only has my friend and lapbook extraordinaire Sheri helped me out by giving our products a test-run, but she's also been telling others about the products...that aren't quite here yet...but are coming soon.  I promise. A big thank you to Sheri for all your help! Make sure you check out her numerous blogs: Scrapbooks and Lapbooks, Homeschooling on a Wing and a Prayer, What's in the Box,
and 1 of 100 Tos Crew Reviews.  Also of great help has been Tristan of Our Busy Homeschool.  Now only did Tristan give some of our products a test, but she also was the original inspiration for one of the products after I read one of her blog posts spotlighting her daughter's lapbook.

I actually finally have three of the product in hand, but need to develop the website and ordering system. Did I mention I know very little about creating websites and even less about ordering systems.  Yep.  I guess it is never too late to learn.  Who knows - maybe I'll even learn to lapbook before this adventure is over!

The products are slowly coming together and we are over the developing hump.  I'm very excited about our new product line and hope to announce it soon.  Very soon.


Tristan said...

Hooray! Glad to hear things are taking shape. Wish I could help on the website end but I'm clueless!

Guiding Light said...

Hi! I show you as following me on Google Friend Connect...I've changed where my blog is and would appreciate you following the new blog. It is Have a wonderfully blessed day!

Blossom said...

I'm sure you will...but keep us posted!

Anonymous said...

I will be praying for the family! Excited to hear and see what is revealed!

Sheri said...

Well you are very welcome! I have enjoyed being your tester outter there and such. I am so looking forward to the goodies going global! Have you looked into cuz it is free to use and I believe they have a part where you can add business related transactions but I have to double check that-but it is worth a look see. Paypal would be your best bet cuz folks can take directly out of the checking or use a credit card. :0)

Thanks for sharing my blogs and looking forward to the unveiling!


Heidi said...

Thanks, all! I have the start of a website that will take payments, just need to fine tune everything. That, and order some shipping supplies! So close, but still a few important details!

Sara @ Embracing Destiny said...

How exciting! We love lapbooking and I'm always looking for new and creative ideas. If it simplifies storage and/or putting it all together, that's even better! I'll stay tuned. ;0)