Saturday, October 30, 2010

My thick-skulled dog vs the wall

My big beast is pretty thick-skulled, but usually I mean that figuratively.  Not today.  Today I mean it quite literally. Today, my furry child was chasing my son and a friend upstairs, along with her furry partner in crime, and was a bit excited.  So excited that she happened to not see the corner of the wall and had a collision with it.  She's fine.  The wall isn't.
Note the pieces of drywall on the floor and how far the damage goes up.
How could this have not hurt???
I'm truly amazed that the head of an animal could cause this much damage without so much of a whimper.  We weren't sure which dog did the damage until my daughter commented that the one had some white dust on her head.

It really is unbelievable.  I'm sure the bill to repair it will be equally so.


Guiding Light said...

OH MY GOSH!!! Not even a wimper? WOW! She's got an amazing head! Thanks for sharing and have a wonderfully blessed day!

Heidi said...

Nope, not a sound! Amazing, huh? I thought the kids slammed something into the wall.

Anonymous said...

This cracked me up reading earlier this week! Of course, the heart sinks almost more for the wall repair than a funny dog! Thick Head!

Cindy said...

THAT is funny! We had a dog once that couldn't wait for the front door to open and run and run and day - and this is really true!!! - she ran so fast out the door that she shot across the street and whammed into the neighbors closed garage door!!! Yes, the impact knocked her down, but she just got up, looked back to see if we had noticed, changed vectors and took off running again!!!