Friday, October 15, 2010

What would you buy from CSN?

What is CSN, you say?  CSN has over 200 online stores that sell, well...just about anything! Looking to revamp and revitalize part of your home?  Browse through the Home Improvement, Home Decor and Furniture stores.  You just may find the perfect coffee table or a chic bar stool that suits your new room perfectly.  Doing some early Christmas shopping? Toys, games, and housewares can all be found among the many pages of products.  Or maybe you just want to gift yourself?  Check out the shoes!  Or, better yet, the bookcases -  for us homeschooling moms.

Look for a product review post soon.  I have no idea what I'll select yet.  Off to browse the many choices!


Jimmie said...

I got an email from CSN asking me to review products. The email had misspelled words and three of the links included didn't work at all. I was very suspicious that it was some sort of scam. Is it legitimate?

Heidi said...

The email you are describing has not been my experience. CSN is legitimately contacting bloggers, but that isn't to say that there's not someone else out there posing as them. I would contact CSN directly to inquire if your email looks suspicious.